Paulo Guedes says investigation of the MPF against it is to confuse voters

Jair Bolsonaro counselor is suspected of having committed crimes of mismanagement and reckless two investment funds.
11/10/2018 09h47 - Updated 11/10/2018 16h39

Through a statement issued by his lawyers, economist Paulo Guedes, presidential adviser Jair Bolsonaro (PAGE), He said he received with astonishment the news about the opening of a criminal investigation against him by federal prosecutors (MPF).

The MPF opened on the last day 3 one Investigative Procedure Criminal (PIC) to investigate the suspicion that Guedes committed the crimes of mismanagement and reckless ahead of two investment funds (FIPs) They are receiving $ R 1 billion, between 2009 e 2013, pension funds linked to public companies.

In a statement released by his supporters, Guedes said opening of calculation is “an affront to democracy”.

“Perplexing that, the eve of the definition of the presidential election, seised of a procedure to establish facts presented by a manifestly liar report. It is clear that this initiative is an affront to democracy whose main purpose is to confuse the voter”, the statement said.


The report cited by Guedes is produced by the National Superintendency of Pension Funds (Previc). The report Previc, according to the MPF, points out that there “relevant evidence that between February 2009 and June 2013, directors / managers of pension funds FUNCEF, Petros, previous, postalis (all targets of Operation Greenfield), Infraprev, Banesprev and FIPECQ and society by BNDESPar actions may have consorted with the businessman Paulo Roberto Nunes Guedes, Group controller HSM Brazil, in order to commit crimes or mismanagement reckless equivalent of financial institutions and issuing and trading securities without ballast or guarantees, related to investments in BR Educacional FIP”.

According to Guedes, o FIP Educacional, cited by MPF, I did not bring any damage to pension funds. “He presented return substantially above the target set in the regulation signed by the shareholders. Similarly, there was, throughout the run, any unethical or irregular conduct by Paulo Guedes”, the note adds.

Source: THE DAY

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