Mayor Arthur meets request Wilker Barreto and includes educators and servers in the allowance of Fundeb

Antes restrito aos professores o benefício agora também será pago para as duas outras categorias de profissionais da Educação.
18/10/2018 14h34 - Updated 19/10/2018 12h39
PHOTO: Tiago Correa / CMM

The request made by the Mayor of Manaus (CMM), Councilman Wilker Barreto (PHS), no last day 15, the tribune of the Legislative House, for the Manaus Prefecture extend payment of the allowance Basic Education Development Fund and Value of Education Professionals (Fundeb) for teachers and administrative staff of schools in the municipal school system, It was attended by the mayor of Manaus, Arthur Virgilio Neto.

Before restricted to teachers, as stated in the edition 4461 Official Gazette of the Municipality (JUDGMENT) published on 11 Of this month, Now the benefit will also be paid for the other two categories of education professionals, as stated in the Decree 4.177 published in issue No. 4463, published on Tuesday (16).

"On Monday I congratulated, I charged and did call the City. Said that, paying the allowance to teachers, the executive was spending only average, but to take a note 10, You need that teachers and administrative employees also receive the allowance, because after all, Success in Education Development Index (Ideb) It is built together, by directors, pedagogues, secretaries and teachers, fortunately I understood ", said Wilker Barreto.

We planned to be paid next days, the awards totaling R $ 12 million was obtained by the Manaus City Hall due to the good performance achieved by the students of the municipality in the Education Development Index (Ideb).

Manaus also reached, on the last year, an approval index 93% of students enrolled, in which 2013 It was from 84%; reducing 74% abandonment that fell from 4,6% in 2013 for 1,2% in 2017. we last 18 years, according to data released by the Ministry of Education (GUY), the municipal schools not registered so low dropout rate.

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