Mayor Arthur rewards teachers for positive performance in Ideb and summons approved in contest

The award is in the amount of R $ 12 million teachers of municipal schools that placed between Manaus 10 best cities in the country.
10/10/2018 19h33 - Updated 11/10/2018 12h50

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As part of the educator valuation policy, Mayor Arthur Virgilio Neto said on Wednesday, 10/10, at the headquarters of Manaus City Hall, Compensates neighborhood, West zone, an award in the amount of R $ 12 million teachers of the municipal school system, the positive results obtained in the Education Development Index Basic (Ideb), they put between Manaus 10 best cities in the country.

In this ocasion, the mayor also announced the payment of an additional $ 3 million corresponding to the progressions for Employees and Ownership, and the Reframing for over 13 thousand servers, between teachers and administrative, plus call 64 educators passed the competition of the Municipal Education (semed) to act, exclusively, Rural area schools.

"Like all our educational activities to improve educational levels in the capital, the value of teachers is also treated as a priority in our management, because quality education is only built to improve the working conditions of teachers, investing in education and infrastructure. Today, we are rewarding teachers who are preparing our children in elite level ", said Arthur Neto.

The mayor highlighted, still, the continuity of the valuation of shares at the education server, with benefits that will be incorporated into the remuneration of professionals and will be considered in retirement. "We do not agree with that allowance policy, because the allowance is left of a resource that should be invested in better education. We did that and the proof is in our evolution Ideb ", pointed.

"We invest in new methodologies of teaching and learning, in new units and in real gains for teachers, that are incorporated into their salaries ", completed Mayor, adding that with an austerity policy, the city was able to save own resources, intended for the maintenance of schools, can thus, direct teachers of the value of the Fund for the Development of Basic Education and Educational Professionals of Valuation (Fundeb).

"Teachers are the cornerstone of the educational process. We are showing the city that our focus is right in valuing category, facing what is our main reason to exist: provide a quality education to our more than 238 thousand students ", said the Municipal Secretary of Education (semed), Katya Schweickardt.

The Manaus City Hall is a national reference in education management, reaching the target projected by the Ministry of Education (GUY) for 2021 in Early Years, and outperforming the index for the same year in relation to the Final Years of Elementary School. "The jump Manaus managed to give the last two years in Ideb notes is a consequence not only the commitment of servers, but also the investment with the money Fundeb, resulting in improvements in the quality of education ", said Mayor.

The value of the award and progressions totals R $ 15 million. For the award of teachers for the performance in the last Ideb will be allocated the amount of R $ 12 millions, paid in full in October leaf, R $ 1.200 for teachers working 20 weekly hours and R $ 2.400 for teachers who meet workload of 40 hours. Already progressions will be paid in November, with retroactive October, because of the need for formalizing the Decree. From December, the normal schedule usually follow.

Also summoned were the last 64 teachers passed the competition of Semed 2017/2018, to act, exclusively, Rural area schools. The contest offered 400 vacancies, It is for the 1st class to 5th grade of elementary school, Child education, Art, Sciences, PE, Religious education, Geography, History, English, Portuguese Language and Mathematics.

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