Mayor honors possession of the new Attorney General of Justice of the Amazon prosecutors

The new prosecutor takes over in place of the Prosecutor of Justice, Fabio Monteiro, to perform the work in the biennium 2018/2020.
16/10/2018 10h26 - Updated 16/10/2018 10h26
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The Mayor of Manaus, Arthur Virgilio Neto, participated on Monday, 15/10, the inauguration of the new Attorney General of Justice Amazon, Leda Mara Nascimento Albuquerque, What happened in the auditorium of the State Prosecutor's Office (MPE-AM), in New Hope, West of Manaus.

"I have much respect for balance as he behaved Dr. Fabio Monteiro and know very closely Dr. Leda Albuquerque, which is a very prepared person, extremely serious. Can expect it seriously, balance. Not to play to the crowd, it is to address the issues and resolving issues, she returns home with a clear conscience every day ", said the mayor Arthur Virgilio Neto, accompanied by first lady, Elisabeth Ribeiro Valeiko.

Leda Albuquerque is the second woman to hold the post of PGJ the Amazonas State prosecutors. The first was in Socorro Guedes 2003. In the last two years, Leda held the position of Justice Deputy Attorney General.

"We are ready to meet these new challenges ahead. Challenges related to issues of public safety, of health, education and also challenges inherent in our inner reality, prosecutors, in that society grows, it also needs to evolve so that it can respond satisfactorily to all reclames of society ", said Leda Albuquerque.

In charge of PGJ during the biennium 2014/2016 e 2016/2018, Fabio Monteiro stressed the sense of duty and fulfilling hopes that the good work will continue in the new administration.

"It was easier to manage the institution for four years, of course with the difficulties that are inherent to the position, but we had a great concern to invest in infrastructure, improve the part of the institution's equipment, especially in combating corruption and also provide the state with more interior prosecutors. I was able to fulfill what do objetivei, I leave with the feeling of accomplishment and making sure that the institution contributes to strengthen increasingly ", concluded Fabio Monteiro.

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