Soybean producers claim that Bolsonaro guarantees bear arms

Soybean producers, Country's main export product, Bolsonaro want guarantees gun ownership in rural properties and end the environmental licensing activity carried out these properties.
17/10/2018 12h01 - Updated 17/10/2018 16h42
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Aprosoja Brazil (Brazilian Association of Soy Producers) - one of the largest Brazilian agribusiness - presented their demands to the presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro. Or document, which has a number of requests on environmental issues, land, logistics and safety, calls for drastic changes in items, necessarily, They would have to go through extensive discussions in Congress to be carried forward.

Soybean producers, Country's main export product, want Bolsonaro ensure the possession of weapons on farms, end the environmental licensing activity carried out these properties, prevent the expansion of indigenous lands, support bilateral trade policies with China and create lines that enable producers to renegotiate debts with non-bank rural financing agents.

"All the problems are urgent, but I believe that the issue of insecurity is the worst for us. No one
fed up with this trivialization. It's time people have their weapons, sim”, says Antonio Galvan, President
Aprosoja in Mato Grosso and vice president of the association in Brazil.

"Today come into your house and kill you. If the bad guy know that the person may have a gun at home, it already inhibits assault. So, It must be released as soon as possible, and any property, whether rural or urban. "


The environmental side, Aprosoja asks the licensing change for activities played in properties
rural. If any license is required, to be granted "automatic digital form and online, simply the landowner statement ".

They want even if they are not imposed moratoria (agreements) and requirements for production, actions, by sector, would be "imposed on a recurring basis by NGOs". Another controversial point concerns the land issue. The agro want the demarcation of new indigenous lands only occur in situations where the land has presence of Indians after the date of promulgation of the Constitution of 1988, that is, takes into account the so-called "timeframe".

Producers claim that a ban on the expansion of indigenous lands already demarcated and considered to be "criminal act rural trespassing with intent to promote the expropriation". About economic actions and other incentives, the industry claims a "foreign policy bilateral negotiations with China and the renegotiation of rural debts".

On Tuesday, 16, the president of Brazil Aprosoja, Bartholomew Braz Pereira, said he does not believe that, If Bolsonaro be elected president, may adopt a negotiating stance with the Chinese detrimental soybean exports from Brazil.

Source: Estadão Content

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