STF sends PGR investigate user who criticized ministers on the Internet

User of the internet who posted a video on social networks criticizing the president of the TSE, Rosa Weber, and other ministers of the Supreme.
23/10/2018 15h13 - Updated 23/10/2018 16h16
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André Richter - Brazil Agency

The Second Chamber of the Supreme Court (STF) decided today (23) send to the Attorney General's Office (PGR) application for the internet user against research that published a video on social networks criticizing the president of the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE), Rosa Weber, and other ministers of the Supreme.

The measure was taken after the collegiate members rebut the video, released yesterday (22), in which a user identified as Colonel Carlos Alves refers to as Rosa Weber “salafrária and corrupt "and criticizes other STF members.

In a speech at the opening of the Second Panel of the Supreme Court session, Minister Celso de Mello was the first to refute the criticism of ministers. The minister paid solidarity Rosa Weber and ministers Ricardo Lewandowski and Dias Toffoli, which have also been mentioned, and said they were targeted “filthy and nasty attacks”.

“The vociferous primarism this offender honor of others reminded me of those pathetic characters, deprived of the ability to think intelligently, They choose to express visceral hatred and demonstrate radical intolerance against those who consider their enemies. All that filthy picture emerging video, that far from translating legitimate expression of freedom of words, is true proving corpus delicti of infamy perpetrated by author”, said Mello.

Then, Minister Gilmar Mendes said Brazil is going through a delicate moment in the elections and what it takes serenity. Mendes also hit back at criticism of the reliability of electronic voting machines. For or minister, the polls are reliable and should not disrupt the election process.

“It takes close [this question] because it is vilified, a crime against democracy in Brazil”, stated.

The Carmen Lucia minister also defended the colleagues of the Court. “Everything that affects one of us, reaches around the court as an institution, which is much more important than each, but, mainly, preserves the ethical performance, correct and honest and serious of each judge this House”, he said.

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