Thiago Gagliasso argues with Gio Ewbank and exposes conversation: “truth comes”

In the conversation, presenter apparently argues with Thiago for a comment he had made on the "Television is dying".
21/10/2018 09h35 - Updated 21/10/2018 09h35
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The weather seems to have warmed between Gagliasso family. All because in the early hours of Sunday (21), actor Thiago Gagliasso, Bruno's brother, He decided to set out on his Instagram a message in which the sister Giovanna Ewbank would have sent him on Whatsapp.

Bruno, Giovanna's husband, is the protagonist of the novel next 21h, “Seventh Guardian ". The shared image for Thiago, Giovanna hinted that the brother was ungrateful for the help they receive from husband: "Sweetheart.

I hope that when your desire “dead TV” se realize (why should this be the same) you are prepared to: Not having the apartment that his brother gave you dwell in Rio de Janeiro; not take help of his brother when you do not pay your child's school and he save you; not have the pocket money that his brother gives his mother; not have the apartment São Paulo his brother to stay; among many other things…”.

You can see that the message was sent on 8 October and, for some reason not explained Thiago, he decides to post this morning and hit back: "Since she loves so much about personal life in" Amores of Gioh " [YouTube channel] because she did not put it there too?

The TV did not die, It is not just an opinion monopoly, independent of the issuer! Be Globe, Record, SBT whatever! It is not so hard to understand… especially for someone who profits from both the internet right…Unfortunately I did not become one of the 'Loves of Gioh' @gio_ewbank”.

"But I'd love to tell you that I live not in the apartment of my brother (and even lived, I would not be ashamed for not thinking like him, after all, we are not twins brains, despite the physical resemblance. League there in my son's school, asks if I owe something. If needed his help he accepts saw. Allowance for mother? I would be proud to be able to provide my mother what it does for her, the name that is gratitude. I do not know if you know. my brother's apartment to stay? it relaxes! I have friends who will surely receive me with pleasure ".

“Who writes what he wants… read the consequences! No need to appear… but the truths, arrive! Why came the right time? It is easy to defend noble causes without knowing the reality of many.

Or maybe your own. I've never been to expose my personal life, but unfortunately it was necessary! Welcome to reality”. In the picture you can see that Thiago had written something before Giovanna comment, But I can not read.

Followers believe that it all started with political differences, as Thiago Gagliasso declared his support for presidential Jair Bolsonaro and Giovanna and Bruno joined the campaign "He did not". By the time the presenter, which is in Fernando de Noronha, He did not comment on the posts of brother. Profile on Instagram, Giovanna was bombed comments criticizing what she would have written.

The presenter, which had posted a few hours ago a picture beside his brother, Lucas, blocked all profile comments. we videos, she published on Sunday morning a landscape image de Noronha and wrote: “Thank you for being here, God! I love you, Sir!” In 14 of September, the host of the anniversary of the day, Thiago Gagliasso honored minted with a picture next to it. He has also participated in the Giovanna channel on Youtube.

Source: UOL

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