Trafficker arrested says he had R $ 12 thousand to buy votes for Wilson in Lima Codajás; see video

According to the dealer "Didi" it would pay $ 50 for each vote two days before the election.
20/10/2018 16h16 - Updated 21/10/2018 11h58
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Agents of the Executive Secretary of Intelligence Bureau (Seai) arrested on Friday (19/10) micro-entrepreneurs Diellison Wendel Alves Pinheiro, “o Didi”, accused of running drug trafficking in Codajás (distant 297 kilometers from Manaus), R $ 17 thousand and two weapons. In a statement to police, Diellison disse R $ 12 billion would be used to buy votes in favor of the candidate for governor of Amazonas, Wilson Lima (PSC), two days before the election.

As police information, “Didi”, – who was under investigation for four months for drug trafficking offenses and piracy, – when asked about the origin of money, said a man identified only as “Paulo”, candidate intermediate, offered R $ 12 thousand to purchase two votes. He said the police, each voter would receive R $ 50. “It was to buy votes pro Wilson Lima because I owe him favors”, said, video recorded by the police.

The small business owner told police that the meeting with the intermediary of money took place last week, Hotel not Tucunaré, in Codajás. the police, “Didi” said, still, that would receive R $ 5 thousand by vote-buying service.

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Questioned by the police about who was “Paulo, the micro-entrepreneurs only said the man was from Manaus, not knowing enter the full name. He described that the intermediary was dark and "strong".

The prison “Didi” It is the result of the operation “razor”, triggered by the Secretary of State for Public Security (SSP), last week. In addition to micro-entrepreneurs, He was arrested in the act of delegated Codajás Police, Alessandra Braga. They were seized R $ 17 one thousand, two weapons, two motorcycles, a pickup truck and mobile phones.

As Amazon Security Secretary, Amadeu Soares, the investigation was referred to the Federal Police, the Federal Prosecutor (MPF) and the Regional Electoral Court (THREE), for further investigations.

More buying votes
No last day 7 of October, the former mayor of Nhamundá (Am), Mario Paulain, He was caught red-handed, vote-buying suspect for Wilson Lima candidate, in a city hotel. In this ocasion, Civil Police seized R $ 2,2 one thousand, campaign material receipts and cell phones.

The coalition "Transformation for a New Amazon", headed by gubernatorial candidate, Wilson Lima (PSC), He denied through a note to the press on Saturday (20) involvement novice in politics with the dealer.

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