TRF-4 denies request for Eduardo Cunha to change the status of 'distressed’ for 'remand prisoner’

Pedido liminar já havia sido negado. This Wednesday (17) mérito foi analisado pela 8ª Turma, responsável pelos julgamentos relativos à Lava Jato na segunda instância.
18/10/2018 11h14 - Updated 18/10/2018 14h59
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The Federal Regional Court of the 4th Region (TRF-4) denied, this Wednesday (17), a request from the defense of former Congressman Eduardo Cunha to change their condition “sorry” for “taken prior”. After the sentence in the second degree, a 14 years and 6 months in prison, the TRF-4, in November last year, Cunha had given the provisional execution of the sentence, which made apenado, and no longer stuck preventive.

The defense of Eduardo Cunha reports that will appeal to the High Court of Justice (STJ) against the decision (check note below).

Former Speaker of the House of Representatives has been imprisoned since 2016 in Medical Complex Criminal Pinhais, Parana, for involvement in crimes committed in a negotiation for the exploitation of an oil field, in Benin, Petrobras. He would have received $ 1,5 million as a bribe. The crimes were investigated in Operation Lava Jet.

Cunha was sentenced for money laundering, bribery and tax evasion. In first grade, a sentença era de 15 years and 4 months.

Appeal against appeals denied

Against the decision of the appeal, Cunha defense entered the TRF-4 with infringing embargoes resources and Nullity. Both were not admitted by the court, because according to the rapporteur of the Lava jet processes in the 8th Class, federal judge João Pedro Neto Gebran, there was no difference in conviction.

The defense then filed a habeas corpus, requesting a change of status Cunha, Distressed for remand prisoner. The request had already been denied by Gebran, in preliminary.

The wedge lawyers also waiting to be judged appeal against the refusal of appeals infringing embargoes and revocation. At the trial on Wednesday, 8th Class understood that, while no decisions of these resources, there can be no change in the condition to convict untried prisoner. E, therefore, denied habeas corpus.

Eduardo Cunha defense Note

“The decision violates the understanding of the Supreme Court apply in advance is worth Eduardo Cunha, although there has been no closing of the second instance. So the defense, It is convinced that the decision will be reviewed in the Superior Courts.”

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