Wilson Lima lack debate footvolley to play with friends

In posts on social networks, Wilson Lima appears in photo with friends, in a training center footvolley.
23/10/2018 12h46 - Updated 23/10/2018 15h44
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Wilson Lima, candidate for governor of Amazonas by PSC, He lied and made "little case" of Amazonas who want to know their proposals in the debates. Late on Monday (22), he failed to attend the TV debate Diary to play a game of foot volleyball with friends. In posts on social networks, Wilson Lima appears in photo with friends, in a foot volleyball training center post made at 23.45 on Monday (22). But, in a statement released by his coalition, the absence has another version. according advice, the candidate would miss the debate because they did not reach the agenda of the time inside.

Because of his busy schedule and inability to arrive in Manaus in time to go to the debate, Wilson Lima missed, transformed the event in an interview with the candidate for governor Amazonino Mendes (PDT). Earlier yesterday afternoon, in a statement to the press, the coalition Transformation for a New Amazon said Wilson “not committed to participate in the debate sponsored by the Network Journal and did not have time to prepare for the meeting”.

The advisory Wilson Lima also said in the statement that the applicant would be in and the timing of their campaign activities contemplated, initially, his return to Manaus last night. But, due to bad weather, the schedule was adjusted several times. The fact is that managed to reach Manaus even overnight, but he preferred to play a game of foot volleyball with friends.

In this second round the candidate already missed two debates - Band News and Daily TV - and the interview on Radio CBN Amazon, yesterday afternoon. Last week, Wilson fled the debate on TV Band with the current governor Amazonino Mendes. The coalition argued that the rules of the debate were not clear.

However, the candidate had confirmed the presence and signed document agreeing to the rules of debate. Even so, He did not attend and tried to prevent the interview Amazonino Mendes governor through action in the electoral court to prevent the combined interview, in the absence of a candidate, happen.

Wilson Lima was also not, in this Monday, the interview scheduled on Radio CBN Amazon. There is an expectation of his constituents that he go to debate on TV Amazon, next Thursday.

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