Wilson Lima "escapes" and asks cancellation debate in Band Amazon

Gubernatorial candidate claims that the rules are unclear.
18/10/2018 18h46 - Updated 19/10/2018 12h40
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The candidate for governor of Amazonas, Wilson Lima (PSC) He asked the Electoral Court to cancel the debate with Amazonino Mendes (PDT), late on Thursday, TV Band Amazon, eight days after its representatives sign a minutes in confirming the presence and agree to the rules. Now, he claims that the rules are unclear. The Minutes agreeing with the rules and confirming the presence was signed by journalist Nina Mansur Theodosius.

Wilson Lima claimed, now, via lawyers, what, "In close reading, you can see that certain rules dictating this debate are not so clear ". Or candidate, that in the first round did not complain about the rules of the Band Manaus, to join other candidates against Amazonino Mendes, now also claims that the father of the candidate for deputy governor of Amazonino, Francisco Garcia Rodrigues, It is a member of the Radio and Television Rio Negro Ltda.

Wilson Lima also claimed that it is likely that the candidate Amazonino attend the debate already holding knowledge of the issues to be addressed, totally impossible opportunity to this candidate. The rules of debate are clear and provide only questions among the candidates and questions of journalists to be drawn between the candidates, which does not allow to know in advance which of them would be made, even if someone wanted.

The rule provides that, if a candidate does not attend, the other will be interviewed by the mediator and the journalists Band Amazon, with the place of the fault being shown by the cameras. That is why, Wiulson Lima asked that the debate be canceled, this time, for the first time, the campaign, "Running away" from direct confrontation with Amazonino Mendes, at a time when it is attacked for having said it would pay compensation to families of bandits who killed),the Penitentiary Anísio Jobim (Compaj), in 2017, In Manaus.

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