Wilson Lima proposes exemption from property taxes and even bikes for rates 150 cc

If approved by the Legislature of the Amazon, iniciativa terá validade de três anos, from 2020.
15/10/2018 14h53 - Updated 15/10/2018 14h53
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More of 200 thousand motorcycle owners to 150 cc in the Amazon may benefit from exemption from property taxes and licensing fee, in addition to the remission of debts accumulated until 2019. The rescue program of delinquent taxpayers with tax and vehicle fee was announced by the candidate for governor of Amazonas Wilson Lima early on Monday (15), during the discussion of Tiradentes Network.

With the proposal, the estimated impact on state finances is only 0,2%. If approved by the Legislature of the Amazon, the initiative will be valid from 2020 lasting three years during the term.

"It's just for the state, which has an annual budget in excess of R $ 15 billion. But it is much to the citizen who has suffered from the crisis in recent years and can no longer honor its commitments ", Wilson said Lima.

"With this rescue, we hope to positively impact the Amazon economy, increasing sales and motorcycle manufacturing this model. Besides that, It will be an important aid to several people who use the bike every day to work, as couriers and motorcycle taxi drivers ", said the candidate of the Coalition for a New Transformation Amazon.

nonmarket, a used motorcycle 125 cc is sold at an average price of R $ 5 thousand reais. In three years, for example, the real economy for this motorcycle can reach $ 450 with the exemption of property taxes and licensing fees, considering that the average spending in this regard revolves around R $ 150 per annum.

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