ALE allows government to use resources that are not yet in state coffers to pay for outsourced Health

Mr David Almeida (PSB), It led to a unanimous vote in favor of the PL.
14/11/2018 18h38 - Updated 14/11/2018 18h38

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The president of the Amazonas Legislative Assembly, Mr David Almeida (PSB), It led to a unanimous vote in favor of the Bill of Law 175/2018, Executive Power, that redeploys state funds resource for the payment of debts with medical companies, providing outsourced services to the State. government debts with these companies are three to six months, second company representatives who sought the president of Aleam to drive the solution of these late.

Payment to companies, in November and December, it will be possible because of a amending additive collective amendment to the project, reported by Deputy Adjuto Afonso, which now intended to 50% (according to the government's original message) for 80% the resources of the Development Fund for Tourism, Infrastructure, Amazon Development services and Internalization (FTI) and Support for Micro and Small Enterprises and Amazonas State Social Development Fund (FMPES) to this end.

David recalled that, what was voted on Wednesday (14), in plenary, is an authorization to the government to use resources that are not yet in the state coffers. The president of the Legislative Assembly will be explained that the resources that the government will also raise in November December, since the years preceding months are already committed. He estimates that the state should raise funds for these two, in the last two months of the year, approximately, R$ 160 millions.

"Now it is to supervise, these features are well applied, they can be used to pay some debts with these medical companies and that they can make the transfer because of health professionals, both need these resources. Are employees who are there three, four, five to six months waiting for the government to make these payments ", these David.

As this search of subcontractors, David said he is registered in the Legislature history, what 2018 was the year that the Amazon people, represented by MPs, We saw all categories is addressing the power to find solutions to problems that were not being addressed by the State. "The Assembly has the power protagonist so many categories, many civil servants, They could win them what is right ", said.

Asked to be opposition to the government, David said that was when he could hamper the government's situation, but the duty to help the population should be higher in these times. "What is at stake is the lives of people and politics have to belittle on the population's problems. Politicians need to understand that our boss is the people. That is why the Assembly now has this role and I will leave here this House, with head erect, with the certainty of duty ", He stressed.

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