Application "Manaus + Light" will optimize repairs in street lighting

The Mayor of Manaus, Arthur Neto, lançou o app como um novo canal para o cidadão solicitar serviços de manutenção na iluminação pública da capital.
08/11/2018 15h38 - Updated 9/11/2018 12h46
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The Mayor of Manaus, Arthur Virgilio Neto, released on Wednesday, 7/11, the application "Manaus + Light", as a new channel for citizens to request maintenance services in public lighting capital. The presentation took place at the headquarters of Manaus City Hall, Compensates neighborhood, West zone. The tool is free for smartphones and tablets, and is available on Android and iOS platforms.

"We'll get to 50 thousand points of LED and now, with this application, we detect the demands necessary to make it do the repairs and keep the public lighting worked well. Our answers have been at most 48 hours for solving problems. And all this is part of our project to provide the city 100% de LED ", said Mayor.

He also pointed out that you want to continue sending the lamps have been replaced by LED, for municipal offices in the interior of Amazonas, that need strengthening in lighting.

"We would not have much to do with this changed lighting and has inner city that needs lighting. We want to pass on it all according to our Attorney and each municipality, all within the law. We do this regardless of who the mayor, because the important thing is that we want to allocate them more 3,5 thousand lamps. we have donated 6 thousand lamps formerly ", He noted the mayor.

As part of the actions of the Smart City program, the tool is developed in partnership between the Manausluz dealership and Municipal Management Unit of Electricity Supply (Energy UGPM), structure linked to the Municipal Partnerships and Strategic Projects (Semppe).

"The handling is simple and has already been tested by the technical team of UGPM Energy. The history with all protocols open by each user is registered in the system, possibly with the access the application. When the team is in response to the call, the status will change to 'in service' to their implementation ", said the secretary of Semppe, Maria Josepha Keys.

Citizens can register three types of problems identified in the public lighting system of the city: lamp off, lamp lit during the day and light swings, indicating the address and points of reference with the help of the map available on application.

The general manager of Manausluz, Tatiana de Almeida Leite, He said the application was developed as an alternative to 0800 and can be downloaded on mobile phones and tablets free of charge. "On the application can inform the existing problem and the exact location where the service is needed, accessing the map by mobile phone or by entering the address with street number. Soon, the person sends the request and receives, automatically, the progress of the request made, which will have a term 48 hours to complete ", detailed Tatiana.

To enter the application, the citizen must make the register providing data such as name, CPF number and e-mail. Upon request, It will generate a protocol number and the status "pending". Each request will have a period of 48 hours to run.

Although the application, the population to customer service by 0800 201 0001 continue in full operation 24 hours, to treat on street lighting.

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