Evangelical bench asks to 'gender ideology' in schools

Entitled “The Brazil for Brazilians”, the manifesto proposals brings the Gospel facing four major themes of public administration.
07/11/2018 15h36 - Updated 7/11/2018 15h36
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The Evangelical Parliamentary Front issued a manifesto describing proposals and priorities of your countertop for years in Congress. Among the main points, They are fighting “communist democratismo” and to “gender ideology” in school, “severely punishing all who threaten the childlike innocence”.

According to the document 60 pages, launched on 24, “the manipulation of public schools and universities in the service of totalitarian ideologies and communist dictatorships poisoned the soul and the spirit of past generations, and destroyed the quality of education”.

Entitled “The Brazil for Brazilians”, the manifesto proposals brings the Gospel facing four major themes of public administration: Modernization of the State, legal certainty, security and tax “revolution in education”. A bench, to which belonged the congressman and now president-elect, Jair Bolsonaro (PAGE), It is one of the most influential of Congress and should have 180 members from 2019, the document says.

The manifesto condemns “political and partisan use of public schools and universities”, what, according to the parliamentary, “They became ideological tools that prepare young people for the Communist Revolution, to totalitarian dictatorship such as the Soviet Union and other murderous regimes”. To reverse this, the document proposes “enhance and encourage merit throughout the national education system”.

In line with the evangelical manifesto, Bolsonaro the program states that “one of the greatest current ills (On education) It is the strong indoctrination”.

“They are talking about something that does not exist”, says educator Carlos Cury, vice president of the Brazilian Society for the Advancement of Science (SBPC). “It is a hollow manifest, full of statements that lack any kind of proof. Paint schools as a communist subversion den. Where they got it?”

“The document has a very strong and clear ideological coloring”, diz Nelio Bizzo, the Faculty of Education, University of São Paulo (USP). The proposals submitted, according to him, “clash with everything that has been discussed in journals on education in recent 30 years”.

The manifesto makes heavy criticism the call “gender ideology” what “diverts the school of their normal duties and invests in the subversion of all the values ​​and principles of civilization”. “It will require an uninterrupted campaign against sexualization and sexualisation of children and adolescents in Brazil, using all possible means, and severely punish anyone who offends against childhood innocence”, the text says.

The defense without Party School and the fight against gender discussions were also flags Bolsonaro. The leader of the Evangelical Parliamentary Front, deputado Hidezaku Takayama (PSC), He was approached by this reporter, but he did not answer.

Higher education
The manifesto cites data from World Bank study, according to which a public university student costs up to three times more than a private institution student, and argues that it includes an “rigorous independent audit” support programs of the Ministry of Education (GUY) higher education and technical – Prouni, Fies, Sisu and Pronatec.

There is still criticism of Higher Education Personnel Improvement Coordination (Capes), do MEC, saying she does “repression of teachers” and hurts the university autonomy. Wanted, the agency said “can not manifest on subjective claims not based on facts”. The information is the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo.

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