Bar men who have sex with men, but they are not gay

Most men called g0ys is married (or have a girlfriend) and takes the woman at, as “test” heterosexuality.
17/11/2018 16h11 - Updated 17/11/2018 16h11
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Enthusiasts G0Y movement are about to make a bar in São Paulo. reportedly heterosexual, community members are men who have sex with each other, but sparingly. As in cases where the girl does not want to lose her virginity before marriage, it is assumed including masturbation and even oral sex, but it is forbidden to penetrate the partner. They are not gay, are g0ys (zero in the middle of the word indicates “zero anal”).

Opening in the day 24, the bar is on the second floor of a townhouse in Largo do Arouche, center of Sao Paulo, has 350 square meters and several rooms for g0ys interact. “At first, we work only on Wednesdays. For the opening party, Tickets are selling people”, says the owner, that presents as Karlos, has 38 years and is single.

By adapting the space for practice g0y, Karlos installed “labyrinths” (corridors full of corners which provide a playful aspect of the “makeout”); “glory holes” (small holes in the wooden partitions, between environments, where you can enter the penis to make the partner oral sex on the other side); e “butt holes”(the same, but with the butt).

Woman goes along
Paul or private parties in homes in the city. Most men are married (or have a girlfriend) and takes the woman at, as “test” heterosexuality. “At the beginning, many men felt about coming to play in the presence of women. Today, it is completely overcome. They, in turn, accepted better movement g0y than expected. If at the beginning there were many more men, Today is' head to head”‘, says the official Pedro (he prefers not to reveal the surname), 42 years, in which 2011 He founded a blog called “Brotherhood of Men”, in which he talked about “homoerotic jokes”. It was inspired by a current that emerged in the late 1990 among American college.

Peter says that had meager 60 followers, until in one of the posts he made reference to the movement g0y US. “bomb!”, celebrates. “Tive 20 thousand views in a single day.” The positive response led him to create in 2014 O “Heteroblog”, frequented by followers of what he calls “soft-bi”. The thing grew. In September, the blog held the 1st National Meeting G0Y, attended 180 people at a site in Embu, big Sao Paulo. It was to be in Itatiba, the 85km of São Paulo, but as the demand for tickets exceeded expectations, it was necessary to transfer the party to another location, last hour. “We did not expect so much demand”, Peter says, which charges R $ 80 Men and R $ 20 of the women, “for the thing stay balanced”. Detail: is allowed to penetrate women - one should not forget that men are heterosexual.

Penetration is disgusting
Sometimes, the bossy side of “soft-bi” interferes with sexual activity. according to Pedro, one of the problems is that some want to receive oral sex, but do not. It minimizes the question, stating that “this happens also among heterosexuals and homosexuals to”. in meetings, the founder of Heteroblog usually extend the Movement Flag, composed of lists in different shades of blue. This symbol can never be seen on chart Gay, why, as already stated, do not allow the penetration g0ys. “It's disgusting!”, reacts Internet. He says that, between motion companions, not miss anything beyond kissing, masturbation and oral sex.

Silvio attends the heterog0ys meetings with the current girlfriend, Noemia Silva dealer, 44 years, he met two years ago in his bar, in Guarulhos, big Sao Paulo. “We approached, and one day he told me of the movement. I got a fright, at first it was difficult to accept”, she says. “But then I was curious and I bumped into going with him to a meeting.” Today, Noemia is not only adept movement, as well as theses encampa: “Most of the men is g0y, but does not admit.” She, personally, He says he discovered an unprecedented pleasure in watching two men kissing and going beyond it. The identification with the movement was such, she now says she can no longer see “no formal world, of married”. “I feel free, 'Deep-ass'.” to Noêmia, one of the advantages of being with her boyfriend in the meetings is that “there is infidelity”. “What we have to do, It is in front of the other. And the best, with pleasure.”

Source: UOL

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