Bolsonaro says it will study letter to governors requests to respond

The "Charter of Governors" features 13 plotted points as priorities of their management.
16/11/2018 17h30 - Updated 16/11/2018 17h30
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President-elect Jair Bolsonaro said on Friday, in the river, that will study the future Minister of Finance, Paulo Guedes , requests made in a letter by elected governors. They ask, among other measures, the relaxation of the bond of civil servants.

Bolsonaro said not yet studied the issue along with Paulo Guedes, future economy minister.

– The letter from the governors have not had the opportunity to study together with Paulo Guedes. At the, but not studied with Paul Guedes to give the answer to you – he said, after attending a meeting with the commander of the Navy, Admiral Leal Ferreira, 1 ° Naval District, in downtown Rio.

The "Charter of Governors" features 13 plotted points as priorities of their management. No details of the measures. According to them, other meetings will "improve" the proposals. A "flexible stability" is the fourth item on the agenda presented Bolsonaro.

Today, the Constitution guarantees stability to civil servants hired by competition and provides for dismissal only in extreme situations, as a decision of Justice. In a last case, to meet the limits imposed by the LRF, it is also possible the dismissal of civil servants are other measures taken to contain expenses, as the dismissal of commissioned, fluids fail effects.

The governors complain, however, what, in practice, even with these forecasts, the dismissal of servers is difficult to apply, always open to challenge in court. Report released by the National Treasury shows that 14 states have impaired its revenues with personnel expenses up 60%, which is the limit of the LRF. Between them, They are Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and Rio Grande do Sul.

Source: The globe

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