Candidates who competed in the first round have until today to account

Also wins on Tuesday (6) the deadline for withdrawal of advertising.
06/11/2018 14h56 - Updated 7/11/2018 15h02
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Luiza Damé – Agency Brazil

Candidates who did not play the second round of elections have until 19h Tuesday (6) to report on the financial transactions of the first round campaign. The term also applies to political parties. Already accountability of candidates who competed in the second round has to be made until the day 17 from November.

According to the Superior Electoral Court information (TSE), the media containing the proof of accountability must be generated from the Electoral Accountability System (SPCE) and filed in person at the Regional Electoral Court is responsible for examining the accounts. After delivery and media validation, the data is recorded and transmitted electronically to the TSE.

Already the candidates for president who did not play the second round should be accountable to the TSE. The documentation submitted to the Electoral Court by candidates and parties will be available on TSE portal. The Court, this measure will allow “candidates, matches, press, State supervisory bodies and citizens to have access to the supporting documents of the candidates account benefits and subtitle in 2018 Elections”.

The electoral law provides that “failure to comply with the deadline for submission of checks and balances prevents the graduation of elected, as long as there”. The non-elect do not receive the election discharge. The checks and balances are sent to reporters that analyze the regularity of movement and of the documents.

The Electoral Justice may decide to certify the accounts or the approval with reservations, if identified failures, or the disapproval, if there are errors that compromise the regularity. In the case of non-accountability, the Electoral Court will term 72 hours to discharge.

Also today is the deadline for candidates, political parties and coalitions to remove the election advertisements for the first round, as well as restore the property used for such disclosure. The electoral law, this must be done by 30 days, after the election. The first round took place on 7 of October.

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