Expenses of R $ 174 one thousand, Luiz Castro says he made the cheapest campaign of elections to the Senate

Political narrowly lost his seat in the Senate for Eduardo Braga.
07/11/2018 14h18 - Updated 7/11/2018 19h09
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The deputy Luiz Castro (Network) said he made the cheaper Senate campaign, in election 2018, according to the accountability presented to the Regional Electoral Court (THREE), with expenses of R $ 174 one thousand. He made the statement during an interview with Radio CBN on Wednesday (7).

"It was the cheapest vote, compared to the money spent by the other candidates ", said deputy to thank significant vote obtained in the State of Amazonas, who placed third in the competition for one of the two vacancies Senator.

Member of the transition team, Luiz Castro attended the conference with the elected vice governor to Carlos Almeida Filho (PRTB), who coordinates the committee responsible for passage of the administration to the elected governor Wilson Lima (PSC).

Luiz Castro said the expectation is to make a good management and, for this, the work of the transition team has been intense, in data and policies of various sectors of the current management, so that there is no break in service to the Amazonian population.

According to the deputy governor Carlos Almeida Filho, the new management will be led by Wilson Lima from January 2019, prioritizes efficiency in health policies, Education, Public security and generation of employment and income.

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