With Live output, Hardt judge Gabriela assumes jet wash

It was the magistrate who ordered the arrest of the Civil House of the former minister José Dirceu in May this year.
01/11/2018 15h55 - Updated 2/11/2018 13h06
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With the departure of Sergio Moro of the 13th Federal Court of Curitiba, who should take at first the progress of the Lava jet process in the first instance is the substitute Judge Gabriela Hardt. She was already working in the absence of situations of the holder magistrate.

It was the judge who ordered the arrest of the Civil House of the former minister José Dirceu in May this year. In addition to the cases themselves, Judge will provisionally also in charge of all cases under the responsibility of Moro, that should not be redistributed, remaining in the 13th Federal Court.

Sergio Moro accepted early on Thursday, Invitation elected president Jair Bolsonaro (PAGE) to take over the Ministry of Justice.

From the removal Moro, open starting place should be offered through a removal notice, which may participate in any federal judge interested holder to act not only in Paraná, but also in Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul. The three states are under the supervision of the Federal Regional Court of the 4th Region (TRF4), based in Porto Alegre.

The preference for the job is through seniority criterion. The TRF4 has under its jurisdiction currently 233 federal judges, eight of which joined in 1994, the oldest being and, therefore, with preference if interested in taking jet wash.

The choice of the new holder of the 13th Court is made by the Board of Directors of TRF4, After analysis of the candidate. If no owner be interested in the job, it is offered by way of promotion for some of the federal judges substitutes operating in South, again with preference to older. In this case, It is the plenary TRF4 who chooses the candidate.

Moro has announced his retirement immediately the activities as judge, "To avoid unnecessary controversies", said, in a statement. He should assume a superpasta Justice, which will encompass the area of ​​Public Security and other federal supervisory bodies.

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