Security Council authorizes release of retirement to Dilma Rousseff

A aposentadoria da ex-presidente Dilma levantou suspeitas do INSS após ter sido concedida com rapidez.
08/11/2018 09h03 - Updated 8/11/2018 12h32
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The 3rd Chamber of the Council of Welfare Appeals - ultimately the National Social Security Institute (INSS) for administrative resources - decided that former President Dilma Rousseff has the right to retirement granted in 2016. According to the Council, no irregularities to consider as service time amnesty time policy of the military dictatorship.

The benefit released to the former president - about R $ 5 thousand - was under investigation after suspected irregularities in the granting of retirement. The INSS, So, canceled the payment immediately, until the Council came to a decision. The trial in the Security Council is the highest administrative level for resources. From now on, case appeal the decision, INSS will have to go to the civil courts.

In season, suspicions were that the former Minister of Welfare, Carlos Gabas, He acted internally in the INSS for the benefit to be released. however, juridically, INSS used as an argument the former president working time as a server in Rio Grande do Sul in the dictatorship period.

In defense Dilma, lawyers argued that the former president left the post he held, in 1977, due to political persecution and, that is why, the amnesty time should be counted as working time and contribution, sufficient to calculate the grant retirement.

in the decision, the case of the rapporteur, Guilherme Lustosa, He said that because of the amnesty granted, the signed employment contract was valid and uninterrupted between 1975 e 1990, year readmission of former president. The vote was confirmed unanimously.

Wanted, the Ministry of Social Development (MDS) He reported that the INSS has 30 days to review the decision of the 3rd Chamber of Security Resource Council.

Source: newspaper Extra

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