child 4 years is left in nursery and mother warns it will not go back to get it

The woman, from 18 years, She took her daughter in the nursery and told the director would not return to get it.
08/11/2018 18h22 - Updated 8/11/2018 18h22
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A girl 4 years was abandoned by her mother in a municipal center of early childhood education (CMEI) grevillea trees in the park, in Maringa (PR), on Monday (5). The woman, from 18 years, She took her daughter in the nursery and told the director would not return to get it. The information comes from Paraná Portal.

She also suggested that the educator to call for the child's grandmother, that would house. The grandma, in turn, He delivered a school toward the ticket, stating that was not able to be with her granddaughter, because living favor the known home. A grandmother's neighbor sympathized, He took the child to the house and reported the Guardian Council.

Carlos Bonfim, guardianship counselor who followed the case, says the mother demonstrated coolness throughout the process. "She said she did not want her daughter over in front of the girl. She treated us harshly and looked certain emotional imbalance ", He told the UOL portal.

The woman, who has a son 1 year and 2 months and was two months pregnant, shares a house with her partner and in-laws. The man and the parents do not want the girl to live with them and offered to rent a property for mother and daughter lived together, but the woman denied. "She made the choice to leave her daughter and stay with the companion", Carlos told.

The girl was welcomed by the maternal uncles. The Guardian Council, the couple have said that the child has been rejected by his mother at birth. in the certificate, not in the father's name. according Bonfim, the girl has spent two years in the house of his uncles, but then returned to her mother's care.

From now on, the child will live with the couple and be accompanied by psychologists at the municipal. The board made a term for that custody is granted to the uncles, taking the first step towards a possible adoption.

"Although child, she feels the rejection and said to the aunt who, perhaps, if you had skin and light eyes, as the children of the mother's partner, It could have been accepted by the family ", said the counselor.

In this year, mother sought care at the Child Protection Agency. In this ocasion, she said he was struggling to create his daughter and would like the grandmother assumed the role.

She will answer for unable to abandonment.

Source: Yahoo

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