Public Defender asks the Court rules on maintenance of More Doctors

Or target, according to self advocacy, It is to ensure the continuity of services provided to the population.
17/11/2018 15h23 - Updated 18/11/2018 12h55
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Paula Laboissière – Agency Brazil

The Union Public Defender (DPU) filed a civil action (ACP) It is calling on the Union to maintain the current rules of the More Doctors program and the opening of the foreign professionals of any nationality. Or target, according to self advocacy, It is to ensure the continuity of services provided to the population.

"The emergency guardianship order in previous character to the ACP seeks to prevent 'the population served is hampered by the abrupt departure of thousands of doctors without the Union previously promotes effective measures to immediately restore the number of physicians who are in the process leaving the program ' ", She informed the agency, by note.

The Union Public Defender's Office argues that any change - including no need for submission to revalidate - must be contingent on a prior impact assessment and evidence of immediate effectiveness of compensatory measures to ensure full service continuity.

The revalidate recognizes medical degrees who graduated abroad and want to work in Brazil. The exam is done either by foreign graduates in medicine outside Brazil, as for Brazilians who graduated in another country and want to practice the profession in his homeland.

Fundamental right
In their arguments, the action points out that health care, through the National Health System (THEIR), is fundamental right of all, the Union is responsible for providing the services.

in action, PUD also mentions that, the judgment of the direct action of unconstitutionality (ADI) No. 5035, or Federal Supreme Court (STF) declared the constitutionality of the fashion program as recommended.

Also according to the ACP, Cuban professionals represent, currently, more than half of the medical program. The sudden termination of contracts, according to defender, negatively impact with the party fails over 29 million Brazilians - a scenario referred to as "disastrous" for, at least, 3.243 counties.

DPU data indicate that, the 5.570 Brazilian cities, 3.228 (79,5%) only they have the medical program, While 90% of care of the indigenous population in the country are made by Cuban professionals.

new selection
The Ministry of Health reported that still make this month the selection to hire Brazilian professionals to replace the Cubans who are part of the More Doctors.

The paste finished yesterday (16) the notice of proposal to fill 8.332 vacancies left by the Cuban. The expectation is that the selected Brazilian doctors in this new stage to begin working in the cities immediately after selection.

The agreement with the Brazilian government was broken Wednesday (14) pelas Cuban authorities, who did not agree with the requirement to revalidate as a requirement for the participation of Cuban professionals in the More Doctors program. This was announced by the president-elect Jair Bolsonaro, He also wants the Cuban professionals receive full salary and be allowed to bring his family to Brazil.

On the same day, the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba announced the withdrawal of its program for professionals in Brazil differ from demands made by the future president and also as a result of criticisms made by him to the Cuban doctors.

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