In 6 months, Lula receives 572 visits the headquarters of the Federal Police

The appointment of political allies as advocates allowed the former president to command the PT and the arrest of Haddad campaign - where is serving a 12 years.
18/11/2018 09h35 - Updated 19/11/2018 11h39
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In six months in prison, o ex-presidente Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva recebeu 572 visits in his special cell at the Federal Police in Curitiba (PR). Most were made by lawyers attorney to defend the PT, between them, politicians like the defeated candidate of the PT presidential, Fernando Haddad - that, although lawyer, It does not act in proceedings against former president.

The appointment of political allies as advocates allowed the former president to command the PT and the arrest of Haddad campaign - where is serving a 12 years and one month since the day 7 of April. The president's party, Gleisi Hoffmann, treasurer, Emidio de Souza, Mr Wadih Damous and former MPs Luiz Eduardo Greenhalgh and Sigmaringa Luiz Seixas also received proxies. This allowed visits Lula's Monday - duty in law to prisoners of defenders.

The peak period in Lula's cell were the days that preceded and followed the revocation of his candidacy by the Superior Electoral Court (TSE). Haddad visited Lula in days 27 e 30 of August. Next week, Cela - close 15 square meters - was small for the largest meeting for Lula, with 10 lawyers on 3 of September.

Between them, Haddad, he returned in the afternoon of that same day. The former mayor of São Paulo became official candidate next week. On the eve and the day of registration, 11 of September, Haddad and Lula had four meetings that lasted, altogether, about ten hours.

Haddad did 21 visits between 17 May and 8 of October, a day after the vote in the first round - it was about 400 hours of conversations, according to the records of the PF. no day 9, the president of the PT announced that Lula would have sent word: "Send Haddad campaign, not need to come over here ". This was done.

In addition to the political, 21 lawyers - advocates who work in criminal areas, civil and election - alternated in daily visits. The most present were the Paraná Manoel Caetano Ferreira and Luiz Carlos da Rocha, over 100 visits each. The criminal Cristiano Zanin Martins, of Lava jet processes made at least 31 no period visits. The board consists of Lula also includes former President of the Supreme Court (STF) Sepúlveda belongs (three visits), former Minister of Justice Eugene Aragon (11), José Roberto Batochio (Seven) and Roberto Teixeira (four).

In six months in prison, Lula received 54 visits "social", between them, the former President Dilma Rousseff (two visits), Jaques Wagner (three) and celebrities like Chico Buarque, Martinho da Vila and the American actor and activist Denny Glover.

PF records show that the former president received 116 family visits, most children, always on Thursdays - the other prisoners of PF incarceration receive relatives and friends on Wednesday.

In prision, former President PT also had the right to receive "religious" visits on Mondays. Were 17. The most frequent is the holy father Antonio Caetano de Paula Junior, Caetano of Oxóssi (three visits), hut Father Guinea Tobias, known as Terreiro Tulap. The information is the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo.

Source: Exame magazine

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