US praises Bolsonaro stance on the "More Doctors" with Cuba

Thursday, 196 doctors returned to Cuba after three years of work in Brazil - the first after the Havana ad exit the program.
16/11/2018 08h35 - Updated 16/11/2018 10h35
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The United States praised on Thursday (15) the critical position of the elected president, Jair Bolsonaro, on the program 'More Doctors', implemented with the Pan American Health (OPS) and Cuba, What motivated the day before the cancellation of the participation of Cuban health professionals.

"Good to see President-elect Bolsonaro insist that the Cuban doctors in Brazil receive fair wages instead of letting Cuba take most into the coffers of the regime", tweeted Kimberly Breier, the main official of the Department of State for Latin America.

The president-elect planned to submit the Cuban doctors to a "capacity test", pay the full salary for professionals and allow their families coming to Brazil.

"I return to 70% the wages of these doctors is confiscated by the Cuban dictatorship. And another thing, that is a lack of respect for those receiving treatment by these Cubans: we have no evidence that doctors are effectively and are able to perform its function ", Bolsonaro said on Wednesday.

Havana announced it would leave the Brazilian program - which has participated since its inception, in 2013, due to statements of the president-elect, that announced changes in the program from January 1, when it will take possession.

Thursday, group a 196 doctors returned to Cuba after three years of work in Brazil - the first after the Havana notice to leave the More Doctors program.

"The Ministry of Public Health of Cuba took the decision not to continue participating in the program More Doctors and well communicated to the Director of PAHO and the Brazilian political leaders who founded and defended this initiative", says an official statement of Cuba.

Also questioned "the preparation of our doctors" and conditioned "their stay in the program title revalidation", Cuban official highlighted text or.

"The withdrawal of the program will be supported by our doctors, because neither the principles nor the dignity are negotiable ", said Vice Minister of Health of Cuba, rule Angulo, when receiving the professionals at the airport.

to Bolsonaro, the cancellation of sending program of Cuban doctors to Brazil it was a "one-sided" and "irresponsible" decision of the "dictatorship" of Cuba, that he did not accept the changes required by the President-elect to maintain cooperation.

Near 20 thousand Cuban doctors worked in Brazil for five years, and Cuba's decision affects about 8 thousand that currently do.

According to Brazilian diplomatic sources, Cuban doctors return to their country before Christmas, embora estimate that search 2 thousand could remain in Brazil because of loving relationships and family, that would allow them to obtain a residence visa.

Source: AFP

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