ice cream factory is sued for breach of the Health Code in Manaus

Almost 400 quilos de sorvete foram apreendidos.
08/11/2018 16h03 - Updated 9/11/2018 12h46
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The CDC's municipality (Visa Manaus) He seized and inutilizou 390 liters of ice cream and 150 kilograms of raw material out of date, in an ice cream factory, Compensates the neighborhood, West zone of the capital. The inspection team went to the site on Wednesday, 7/11, for a renewal inspection of the sanitary permit requested by the company.

During the action, as well as expired products (strawberry filling, powdered milk, flavoring and cream powder), found irregularities in stock and on the production line, related to the organization and hygiene. The factory was sued for breach of the Health Code and should be fined.

"There was product with the validity expired in 2016", vouched for the fiscal Luciana Fares. She said she was also identified the lack of strict cleanliness required for this type of activity and a total disruption of stock, feedstock mixed with labels, packaging and disposable products, which is not allowed.

Besides that, the team found a new equipment and still unused, on a wooden support, in the middle of the production line, compromising the proper functioning of manufacturing steps.

Luciana pointed out that food preparation requires care so much about the quality of products, as with production processes and environmental conditions, to prevent physical contamination, chemical and biological risks and of any severity to consumer health.

According to tax, the factory has a period of three business days to present a defense and request deadline, by the Visa Manaus, for the necessary adjustments. The fine amount is also calculated.

Visa reported that fines for non-compliance with health legislation vary 1 a 400 UFMs (Tax Municipality Units), whose current value is $ 101,78.

Also according to the organ, inspections in health interest establishments are performed to health licensing or during raids planned by the Surveillance. Oversight may also be motivated by complaints made by 0800-0920123.

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