Joshua David Neto corrects and says that in his management of the payment dates of the bases ALE servers was made within the time limits

Segundo Josué nos três primeiros anos da sua gestão com presidente da ALE, não houve atrasos no pagamento.
08/11/2018 15h31 - Updated 9/11/2018 12h46
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The state deputy Joshua Neto (PSD), reacted through a statement sent to media speech the president of the Amazonas State Legislature (hazard), Mr David Almeida (PSB), what announcing on Wednesday (7) payment of salary recomposition 11,07% the effective servers House, for the year 2018 said that in the years 2015 e 2016 when Joshua was in office he now occupies the payments were delayed due to the economic crisis facing this period.

According to a statement of the information is wrong because Joshua Neto made the payment within the time limits set in the first three years of their management and grant salary increases to real gain 10% the effective and commissioned servers, and review of top-level bonuses and gratified functions (FGs) - with the possibility of salary increase of up to 200%.

“Only in 2016, due to lack of budget and financial forecast, coming from the country's largest economic crisis, It was not possible to meet the payment date basis”, Joshua said in a statement.

“The Parliament reiterates its commitment to valuing and qualification of civil servants, evidenced in his actions as president of the Assembly and its parliamentary action in numerous polls that were approved benefits to civil servants from various categories and classes”, concluded.

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