Mayors should talk about changes in Temer More Doctors

One of the main concerns of mayors and municipal secretaries of Health are the changes in the Program More Doctors.
19/11/2018 08h56 - Updated 19/11/2018 11h38
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President Michel Temer participates today (19) afternoon the meeting of Brazilian Municipalities – Municipalista Tariff advances, at the National Confederation of Municipalities (CNM), in Brasilia. Also participating ministers, parliamentarians and mayors. One of the main concerns of mayors and municipal secretaries of Health are the changes in the Program More Doctors.

A CNM, last week, released notes that expressed concern with the departure of Cuban professionals program. According to the note Friday (16), an appeal was made to the Ministry of Health and to the Presidency for further action to be submitted by Friday (23).

The organization filed office in the Cuban Embassy requesting the stay of Cuban professionals to the end of the year, and the opening of negotiations with the confederation and the Brazilian government to seek alternatives to ensure compliance to the Brazilian population.

De acordo com a nota do CNM, between the 1.575 municipalities that have only Cuban medical program, 80% have less than 20 thousand. The fear is that the absence of Cuban professionals leads to basic health lack of assistance over 28 million people.

President-elect Jair Bolsonaro reiterated yesterday (19) the decision to keep the demands on Cuba professionals. Measures, They are doing revalidate - proof that verifies expertise in the medical field, receive the full salary and be able to bring his family to Brazil. Também disse que sua decisão é baseada no fato de os médicos cubanos serem tratados como escravos pelo governo de Cuba que decidiu deixar o programa após as declarações de Bolsonaro.

municipal PPPs

At the meeting with the mayors, Planning Minister, Esteves Colnago, will present the Federal Support Program Grants and Municipal PPPs. Public policy in support of concessions and PPPs focuses on encouraging investment in infrastructure and improving the quality of services in the municipalities.

The arrangement is to stimulate the structuring partnership projects mainly for sanitation sectors (emphasis on water supply, sewage and municipal waste), public lighting and urban mobility.

The programs are coordinated by the Ministry of Planning, in partnership with the Ministry of Cities, and executed by Caixa.


Besides participating in the meeting with the mayors, Fear now coordinates meeting with three ministers and two secretaries, the Presidential Palace. Participate in the Energy and Mines Ministers, Moreira Franco, Transport, Ports and Civil Aviation, Valter Casimiro, and the Presidency of the Government Secretariat, Carlos Marun.

Also present will be the Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mark Abbott Galvão, the executive secretary of the Institutional Security Cabinet, General Stumpf, and the president of Eletrobrás, Wilson Ferreira Junior.

The president also has a meeting scheduled with the Union's Advocate General (AGU), Grace Mendonça, in Plateau.

Source: Agency Brazil

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