Almost half of the federal agencies do not have units against corruption

A tier two 197 agencies and entities of direct federal public administration, independent and foundation required to provide their integrity management units is available on the UGC website.
17/11/2018 16h18 - Updated 17/11/2018 16h18
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missing 14 days to the deadline the Ministry of Transparency and the Comptroller General (TOS) granted to 197 federal agencies and organizations structure their integrity programs in order to "prevent, detect, remedying and punish fraud and acts of corruption ", 79 ministries, agencies and foundations have not yet indicated the CGU even the name of those responsible for coordinating and monitoring the future actions of internal control.

According to the Ordinance 1.089/2018, regulating the governance policy of the Federal Government, each agency should have provided its own integrity management unit to 11 May this year, informing the CGU data from at least one highlighted server to act permanently in the unit, with access to all other sectors, including the highest echelons of the agency or entity. The ordinance also establishes 30 November as the deadline for the integrity of programs be submitted and approved in order to be put into practice.

A tier two 197 agencies and entities of direct federal public administration, independent and foundation required to provide their integrity management units is available on the UGC website.

Between the 79 federal entities that have not yet reported having created the management unit are the Presidency and Vice-Presidency of the Republic, in addition to ministries such as Foreign Affairs, Public security, Labor and Human Rights, and the National Waterway Transportation agencies (Antaq), Mining (ANM), Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) and Cinema (Ancine), among other federal agencies.

The 118 Federal agencies who reported instances created to structure, execute and monitor their internal integrity and good governance programs account for almost 60% of 197 required to provide their management units.

Eight other federal entities not on the CGU's initial relationship decided to indicate their own management units, adhering voluntarily to the integrity program. They are the War College (ESG), National Cancer Institute José Alencar Gomes da Silva (INCA), Department of Federal Highway Police (DPRF), Porto Alegre Clinical Hospital (HCPA), Special Secretariat for Family Agriculture and Agrarian Development (SEAD), Armed Forces Hospital (HFA), Federal Hospital of Ipanema (HFI) and the National Institute of Cardiology.

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The obligation to show the creation of the management unit was one of the requirements that 197 Federal agencies should have fulfilling within the first phase of structuring their integrity programs, closed 15 days after the publication of Ordinance 1.089, that is, in 11 of May. The second phase of the program will end on 30.

By ministerial order, until then, bodies and entities listed by the UGC must approve his plans, which shall contain the objectives, the establishment of the stock management units and how they will act, in addition to the main risks indication for institutional integrity and measures to address them. The ordinance also states that the plan of each body shall be periodically revised.

During the third and final phase of the program structure, organs and federal authorities should implement the measures envisaged in the approved action plan, monitoring compliance. They should also seek to expand the reach of their integrity programs for public policies that implement, as well as its suppliers and other public or private organizations with which they have relationship.

Asked about the fact 40% organs and entities have not yet indicated the integrity management unit, the CGU reported that "works to the largest possible number of them" not only indicate the creation of the management unit, but approve their work plans until the next day 30.

The ministry added that any breaches of the ministerial order will be dealt with in future audits, remembering that not for it to act together with the Presidency of the Republic and the Ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs and other bodies linked to them.

Asked on Friday (16), the Presidency had not manifested until the time of publication of the report.

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