Treatment system delivered by Funasa will ensure drinking water for almost 1,7 thousand people in rural communities of Manacapuru

The measure will ensure drinking water for about 1,7 thousand people of the Amazon inner city.
27/11/2018 16h29 - Updated 28/11/2018 10h02

The National Health Foundation (Funasa) delivered the Workaround units, collective, Water Treatment simplified for Human Consumption (Salta-Z) to eight rural communities in Manacapuru. The measure will ensure drinking water for about 1,7 thousand people of the Amazon inner city.

In the early afternoon of Friday, 27 from November, It has started training workshop for system deployment in the city. The beneficiary communities were San Francisco's Paratarizinho, San Francisco Marrecão, New life, Botafogo (Paraná Paratari Grande), Bethel and Braga (RDS Piranha), San Sebastian (Repartimento Tuiué) and St. Lazarus (Paraná Piriquito).

According to the superintendent of Funasa Amazonas, Wenderson Monteiro, only in 2018 They have been delivered 98 equipment for water treatment for 21 counties. There is still scheduled for delivery to more 90 Z jumps to other 19 provincial towns. Federal investments have already reached R $ 3,5 millions.

"To face R $ 1 invested in sanitation, we saved $ R 5 health. It is with this proposal in mind that Funasa has been developing actions to ensure quality water for the people of the Amazon. The initiative is of fundamental importance to the riverside communities that do not have clean water, thereby reducing health problems in the localities ", said Wenderson.

Hall - The initiative has the support of the city of Manacapuru. The mayor of the municipality spoke about the importance of partnership and how you want to help. "All the city servers have commitment to this project right. We do this to ensure our water quality children and her health indoors. We have worked hard in the countryside and the riverside communities. We're running back to reach the 60 communities that we identify and need to take the Salta-Z ", he said.

According to the mayor, the goal is that by the end of his term, in 2020, all communities, rural and riverine, Manacapuru have treated water.

System – A Jump-Z, It is a traditional technology with low cost of implementation capable of performing the treatment of water resources in surface and groundwater for human consumption, compatible with potability standards established by Ordinance No. 2.914/11, Ministry of Health.

With the implementation of the System, Amazon follows the steps to the universalization of basic sanitation, recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

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