TRF4 denies Lula's defense capabilities in the event of the institute land

The requests, called "regimental grievances", tinham como objetivo solicitar uma reavaliação de dois habeas corpus pedidos pela defesa.
08/11/2018 17h05 - Updated 8/11/2018 17h05
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Jonas Valente - Brazil Agency

The Federal Regional Court of the 4th Region (TRF4) He denied yesterday (7) two appeals filed by the defense of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva in action investigating whether there were irregularities in the purchase of land for the construction of a place of Lula Institute. The requests, called "regimental grievances", They aimed to request a review of two habeas corpus applications for defense and denied by Judge João Pedro Neto Gebran. The decision was announced on Thursday (8).

One of habeas corpus was intended to suspend the action in which Lula is investigated for alleged advantages, as the purchase of land for the Lula Institute, in exchange for benefits to Odebrecht group several contracts from Petrobras. The defense requested that the process only walked after the pronouncement of the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations.

The defense also argued that the defense's position could be placed after the allegations of defendants who decided to make denunciations and asked to be removed from the process the collaboration term of former Minister Antonio Palocci.

The judge João Pedro Neto Gebran assessed that there was no precedent of this type of suspension. The appeal to the UN Human Rights Committee should take place after the defense appeal to all judicial bodies, including the higher courts, which has not yet occurred. Neto also did not grant the request for production of the allegations after the employees on the grounds that there is no illegality in the order defined.

Already removed from the file of Palocci collaboration term would not be necessary, since these are not an isolated event. The judge added that the former minister was questioned within the criminal action.

The second habeas corpus denied questioned expertise made by the Federal Police on the Odebrecht payment scheme that would have been used for transfer of bribe. According to the defense, the report has problems and errors. The judge based his refusal on the argument that the deadline for the questioning has already been opened and closed, there being no more such review.

The case was prompted by the complaint of the Federal Prosecutor presented in 2016. The investigation aims to find out whether there had been irregularities in the purchase of land for the construction of a place of Lula Institute. They claim that the former president would have received, illicitly, a property next to the apartment that the former president has in São Bernardo do Campo, City of Greater São Paulo.

The Odebrecht Group have passed the bribe in exchange for the construction contracts by Petrobras in several consortia, as earthworks in the Abreu e Lima Refinery, in Pernambuco, and construction and mounting gas condensate processing terminal station Natural Cabiúnas, in Macae, in Rio de Janeiro.

Lula's defense was contacted by this reporter, but still did not return.

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