Wilson Lima and Joao Doria discuss federal pact and proposals for improvement of health

The two governors met on the afternoon of Monday (12), in Sao Paulo.
12/11/2018 17h57 - Updated 12/11/2018 17h57
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The elected governor of Amazonas, Wilson Lima (PSC), We met on the afternoon of Monday (12), in Sao Paulo, with the elected governor of that state, João Dória (PSDB), to work out the details of the next meeting of integration Wednesday (14), involving the governors of the five regions of the country, in Brasilia.

The invitation from the front Governors for Brazil is to host the elected governor of the Federal District, Ibaneis Rock (MDB), and coanfitriões, the governors of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Wilson Witzel (PSC). "The governor of São Paulo emphasized the importance that all future leaders of the executive power in the states are present it will be an opportunity to meet the proposals in detail the new team from the federal government", Wilson said Lima.

The meeting scheduled for two days from now will have as lecturers the ministers appointed to take the folders of Finance, Paulo Guedes, and the Civil House, Onyx Lorenzoni. Closing of the meeting, which has a duration 3h30, It will be made by the elected president, Jair Bolsonaro (PAGE).

One of the discussion points will be the Federative Pact. Instituted in the Federal Constitution 1988, The pact establishes functions, rights and duties of each of the entities of the federation: Unity, States, Federal District and municipalities. It is the EU take care of national interest issues, as the defense of the country. The states act on regional issues such as transport and metropolitan municipalities to fit local affairs, such as garbage collection. The Federal District builds skills of both the states and the municipalities.

"The approach of the Federative Pact can help to improve the finances of states. In a bit, where economic instability round most of the country, where companies are closed, rising unemployment and declining revenue own, we must unite to find alternatives in order to overcome the obstacles and return to growth in the economic sectors of industry, trade and services ", scored Lima.

Besides that, governors discussed proposals to start their administrations with targeted actions to resolve critical problems such as long waits for hospital medical care. Wilson Lima cited the assessment of state finances, – work being carried out by the vice, Carlos Almeida (PRTB), the transition team -, as an emergency measure to optimize resources sanitizing, to be allocated in crucial sectors, as health.

"Joao Doria also talked about the Owl Program of Health that he implanted when he was mayor of the state capital to reduce health queues. It proved to be available to help us with information on projects in the areas of education, public safety and the generation of jobs and income ", He finalized the elected governor of Amazonas.

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