specialized gang in thefts is arrested and 14 phones are recovered in Manaus

The five people were investigated for a month for stealing $ R 100 thousand and one vehicle.
21/12/2018 17h18 - Updated 21/12/2018 21h37
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Five people who were being investigated by integrating a specialized criminal organization in thefts in Manaus were arrested red-handed in the operation "Route 157" of the Amazon Civil Police, 14 stolen cellular phones were recovered. The gang was investigated for a month for stealing $ R 100 thousand and one vehicle.

Offenders are: Adailson da Silva Simões, 24; Denison da Silva Correa, 22; Vania Ferreira dos Santos, 31; Wallace Victor Souza, 26, known as "Popcorn", and William da Silva Clementino, 29. With them was even found one caliber revolver 38 and a ninja knife.

According to the delegate Tullius Cicero, civilian police officers and 12 specialized DIP began the efforts surrounding the case after receiving information on Thursday (20/12) a theft occurred last Wednesday (19), in a bakery located on Main Street, Japiim neighborhood, south of the capital.

"When we receive this information, identified, from the action features, it was a criminal organization that we've been investigating for about a month. We note that they used a vehicle the automaker Goal, red-colored, to commit theft. The car belongs to a car rental agency and had been rented by the elements. Besides that, we had knowledge, also, that the group had made about five robberies in the capital in just over a month of investigations ", he explained Tulio.

Or delegated under Raul Augusto Neto, work to locate and arrest the offenders were held on Thursday (20/12), when police officers found that William was in possession of the car the automaker Goal. "We set bell near the place where he lived and we arrive the offender approaching, we follow up the Community Greater Victoria, neighborhood Gilberto Mestrinho, East Side City, where he met with Wallace and Denison. Following the approach we ", said.

The holder of 12 ° DIP stressed that to realize the approach, Civil Police met Wallace caliber revolver 38, with suppressed numbering, four ammunition of the same caliber intact. They were recovered in possession of offenders, still, 14 mobile phones and seized a ninja knife, besides the car used in the crime.

Group leader
The holder of Derfv said, at the time they were arrested, William, Wallace and Denison confessed involvement in the theft to the bakery. The trio pointed Vanya as the pack leader and indicated the place where she was. The woman was arrested while waiting for the cronies in Central Street, Crowned neighborhood, East zone. "Vanya cooptava employees and former employees of the establishments so that they could pass along inside information about local, facilitating the robberies ", he argued.

Tullius Cicero pointed out that the last one was located and arrested Adailson. The teams effected his arrest on the street Flávio Costa, Corado neighborhood. The civilian police identified, still, Denison and that Adailson were employees of business establishments targeted theft. Both were co-opted by Vanya and have joined the criminal organization.

"Our information realize that this criminal gang has profited approximately R $ 100 one thousand, in just over two months, with crimes committed. There is still arresting an individual, identified so far only as "little Cricket", who served in the thefts along with other offenders. We will continue the steps so that he can answer for the crimes committed ", He highlighted Tulio.

Adailson, Denison, Vania, Wallace and William were sued in the act by increased theft and criminal association. Wallace will respond, still, by irregular possession of restricted firearm. At the end of procedures applicable in Derfv, they will be taken to Custody Hearing in Henoch Minister Forum da Silva Reis, San Francisco neighborhood, south of the capital.

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