TSE approves Bolsonaro campaign accounts with caveats

Graduation president-elect is scheduled for the next day 10, and TSE needed to analyze accounts before that. Rapporteur pointed out that irregularities have 'very little relevance'.
06/12/2018 11h35 - Updated 6/12/2018 12h52
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The Superior Electoral Court (TSE) approved on Tuesday (4) with caveats campaign accounts of the elected president, Jair Bolsonaro (PAGE), and Vice President-elect, Hamilton General Mourao (PRTB).

The graduation of Bolsonaro is scheduled for the next day 10, and the TSE needed to analyze the campaign accounts before that.

By voting, the case of the rapporteur, Luís Roberto Barroso, he said, according to the technical area of ​​the court, much of the “inconsistencies” na prestação de contas foi sanada após a defesa de Bolsonaro retificar a prestação.

“The irregularities are of very little relevance”, he said.

According to the provision delivered by lawyers Bolsonaro, a campanha arrecadou R$ 4,3 million and spent R $ 2,8 millions.

Reservations in the accounts

according to Barroso, the amount of irregularities in revenue was R $ 8.275, corresponding to 0,19% funds received. Since irregularities in expenses reached $ 58.333,32, equivalent to 1,33% of the total collected, or represents 1,52% of proceeds from the winning ticket.

"This amount of short term does not require the rejection of the accounts", Barroso said the vote.

Also according to the rapporteur, the trial of accountability does not prevent the investigating irregularities in the civil and criminal spheres later.

The minister ordered the collection, the National Treasury, R $ 5,2 thousand related to the receipt of sealed sources of donations and R $ 3 thousand related to the receipt of unidentified origin resource.

“The numbers involved in this provision are shown to be possible to participate in the elections by mobilizing the citizens and not the capital without making the electoral process without making the electoral process a spill of shady money”, concluded.

The ministers Edson Fachin, Jorge Mussi, and Fernandes, Admar Gonzaga and Tarcisio Vieira followed the rapporteur.

Last to vote, the President of the Court, Rosa Weber, also accompanied the voting Barroso praised and accountability. “The reservations are minimal and are imposed solely on the basis of criteria”, he said.


The lawyer Bolsonaro, Karina Kufa, He said the candidate sought “cheapen” the campaign, since it was small party with few donors, and any failure of accountability have been addressed, that is why, asked unqualified approval.

About giving licensees, prohibited by law, the lawyer said there is no previous list so that they are prevented donations on digital platforms, what makes “impossible” campaign to identify those values.

For the deputy attorney general election, Humberto Jacques de Medeiros, despite the corrections made by lawyers, accountability is flawed, which justifies approval with reservations.

The technical area of ​​the court and the Electoral Attorney General recommended approval with reservations. Despite having appointed 23 inconsistencies in the provision sent to TSE, the understanding was that they did not affect the regularity of provision.

the PSL accounts

The Court also approved, unanimously, PSL bills with caveats. Second or TSE, the party will have to return to the National Treasury the amount of R $ 750.

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