Lawyer says John of God is like a 'human Rags'

Defender of the medium also said that he feels wronged to pursue arrested.
11/01/2019 10h27 - Updated 11/01/2019 17h00

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The attorney John of God, imprisoned for 26 days accused of sex crimes for spiritual treatments, He said that the medium feels wronged by continuing arrested and is weakened, in Aparecida de Goiânia, in the metropolitan area of ​​the capital. Alberto said Toron, this Friday (11), the client is a "human wreck".

"He is weakened. Reacted to the news with sadness. It is based on his infinite faith and feels wronged. He is now walking with a makeshift cane, speaks in and very low. Head down, stubble, unkempt hair. A human wreck ", said lawyer.

Alberto Toron said he was with the medium on Thursday (10), after the trial of habeas corpus has been suspended it in Goiás Court of Justice. This is because one of the judges asked for more time to review the case. John of God is stuck in Custody Center, in Aparecida de Goiânia, from or last day 16 from December.

Understand the situation of John of God

  1. Action in court: John of God has become defendant after termination of prosecution for rape and rape vulnerable (the process quotes 4 victims);
  2. Investigation: Civil Police indicted the medium by just a case of rape by fraud. The case is even already included in the MP's complaint. Now, he was charged again for the same crime;
  3. Investigation: police also indicted John of God for illegal possession of weapons. The MP should analyze the case and decide whether to make complaint to Justice.

Judgment of habeas corpus

The 1st Criminal Chamber began to judge the habeas corpus of John of God on Thursday. The prosecutor's office issued an opinion contrary to habeas corpus. The rapporteur of the case, Nicomedes Domingos Borges, He accompanied the body's position and voted against the freedom of the medium. Three other judges followed the same rapporteur's position.

however, the last judge, Sival War Pires, asked Process views he had more time to review the case. Thereby, the trial is suspended indefinitely. Like this, the medium follow trapped in Aparecida de Goiânia.

The medium's lawyer, Alberto Toron, He said holding up two arguments to ask for habeas corpus. “First is the foundations of the prison does not justify. There was no threat to victims, even because they have not been identified. E, in second place, there was no financial operation of the accounts”, said. Besides that, stresses that there are other alternatives to incarceration, such as house arrest.

according to indictment

Also on Thursday, the medium was also indicted for illegal possession of firearm crimes and other sexual abuse. In addition to John of God, his wife, Keyla Ana Teixeira, He was also charged with gun possession.

“The civilian police task force closed all its procedures because they have been nominated in two [cases] for illegal possession of weapon both John of God, as his wife, Ana Keyla, since both live in the same households, both Abadiânia, as Annapolis. In both cities there was apprehension of firearms”, said the delegate Karla Fernandes.

Now, inquiries are sent to the Judiciary, which leads to analysis of the prosecution, that can offer the complaint, ask filing or order new police investigations. If there is complaint, Justice can accept it or not. accepting, the accused had seen defendant and will be convicted or acquitted by the courts.

On weapons, one of John of God attorneys, Alex Neder, said the medium reported in a statement to police, in jail, that weapons were people who wanted to try to kill or "guarantee" loans.

Current situation

Check out important facts of the case cited the most recent to the oldest:

  • Judge accepted charges against John of God and he became guilty by sexual abuse on 9 from January;
  • John of God had R $ 50 blocked million in cash and property on 9 from January;
  • The MP-GO appealed, no TJ-GO, decision determining house arrest of John of God for gun possession, in 29 from December. No new decision;
  • John of God had denied habeas corpus in the TJ-GO and STJ in December. He is still awaiting Supreme Court decision;
  • Medium is investigated for the crimes of sexual abuse, rape by fraud and illegal possession of firearm.
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