With majority of declared votes in his favor, Joshua Neto has advantage in the race for the presidency of the ALE

Joshua Neto, já tem 14 manifestações públicas de apoio a sua candidatura.
10/01/2019 18h07 - Updated 11/01/2019 12h45
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The state deputy Joshua Neto (PSD) already has 14 public demonstrations in support of his candidacy for president of the Amazonas State Legislature (hazard) and shoot in front of your competitors for the position, parliamentarians Belarmino Lins (PP) and Serafim Correa (PSB).

Voting will be done by 24 Members of the Legislative Assembly, then mathematically the candidate who has 13 votes secured, which corresponds to more than half, already can win the race. Relying on his own vote, Joshua Neto, already accounts 15 points ahead of their opponents.

The election for the biennium 2019-2020 will take place on February 1 this year, on the first working day of the 20th Legislature.

The elected members and reelected who expressed support to Joshua Neto are: Wilker Barreto (PHS), Joana D'arc (PR), Felipe Souza (PHS), Therezinha Ruiz (PSDB), Joao Luiz (PRB), Alessandra Campelo (MDB), Cabo Maciel (PR), Ricardo Nicolau (PSD), Augusto Ferraz (THE), Roberto City (PV), Fausto Junior (PV), Carlos Bessa (PV) and Mayara Pinheiro (PP).

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