Convened by the SSP-AM have until 25 this month to deliver documentation

Successful applicants of the public tender 2015 They were called in December 2018.
10/01/2019 15h59 - Updated 11/01/2019 12h45

The 39 candidates in public procurement 2015 and convened by the Secretariat of Public Security Amazon (SSP-AM) They have until 25 this month to deliver the documentation and take possession. The applicants were invited in December 2018. Among the 39 called three technical and Higher Education 36 Operating assistants.

They should carry out the admission examinations and deliver them on the Board Medical Expert, located on the premises of the General Civil Police Precinct, from 8am to 12pm, in Pedro Teixeira Avenue, n° 180, Dom Pedro, district Midwest Manaus. Among the required examinations are: Blood count; ABO-RH, Fasting glucose; V.D.R.L., Hepatitis B and C (Anti HBS e Anti HBC), BHCG (if a woman), urina ESA, EPF, Chest x-ray in PA and Profile; eye examination with report (eyesight), audiometric, Psychiatric and ECG with report (up 35 years)

After the report of the Medical Committee, candidates must submit documents to the Human Resources Management of the Public Security Bureau, located on Avenue Architect José Henrique Bento Rodrigues, No 3.760, Mount of Olives neighborhood, North Zone, from 8h to 14h, Via Norte Shopping in the basement.

Check the documentation list on here.

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