More than a dozen stolen vehicles are recovered this weekend in Manaus

Military police were able to recover 14 vehicles with theft restriction on capital.
14/01/2019 13h39 - Updated 14/01/2019 13h39

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Between Saturday (12/01) and the early hours of Monday (14/01), military police managed to recover 14 vehicles with theft restriction, In Manaus.

no Saturday, police of the 26th Company Interactive Community (IDPF) They located a red motorcycle in the neighborhood Santa Etelvina, North Zone, which had been stolen hours before. The vehicle was returned to the owner.

Also in the north, street Uirapuru 1, in the New Town neighborhood, police of the 13th IDPF located a vehicle Fiat Siena silver that had been stolen. The vehicle was taken to the 6th District Integrated Police (DIP) for the applicable procedures. In the Blue Lagoon neighborhood, policiais da 15ª Cicom localizaram uma motocicleta vermelha na rua Sumaúma, que foi encaminhada à Delegacia Especializada em Roubos e Furtos de Veículos (DERFV).

On the zona leste, um Corsa Classic verde foi localizado na avenida Autaz Mirim, San Jose neighborhood, por policias da 9ª Cicom. Na rua Malvarisco, neighborhood Jorge Teixeira, um Gol preto foi localizado por policiais da 30ª Cicom, enquanto uma S10 foi localizada por policiais da 4ª Cicom na Alameda Cosme Ferreira, Zumbi dos Palmares in the neighborhood.

Besides these, uma motocicleta preta abandonada na rua Fábio Lucena, in Tancredo Neves, e uma motocicleta prata, na rua Turquesa, também no Tancredo Neves, They were located by police of the 14th IDPF. The vehicles were sent to DERFV.

The roll Na, police 2nd IDPF located a green Palio in the alley Faustina Vener, Morro da Liberdade. In the south-central zone, police of the 12th IDPF located one white Siena, swipe with restriction, in his Norway, Flores neighborhood.

In West, police of the 20th IDPF located two vehicles with theft and robbery restriction: Goal one silver, swipe with restriction, found on the street Euricléia, Tarumã-Açu, and a red Gol, with theft restriction, found in Extension Pau Rosa. The two vehicles were delivered to their owners.

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