Alcolumbre says Senate will not have Permanent Commission on Security

For the chairman of the House there must be a downsizing of the house structure.
13/02/2019 18h01 - Updated 13/02/2019 18h01
Photo: Jane de Araújo/Agência Senado

Agency Brazil

The Senate should not have a 14th standing committee for the theme Public Safety. For the chairman of the House, Davi Alcolumbre (Dent-off), there must be a downsizing of the house structure.

"We will discuss the Officers, but the feeling is not to create another commission. The suggestion is very valid, but the feeling of the House is the Senate wipe machine. So, at this moment, there is the desire to create another commission ", said.

A draft resolution for the creation of collegiate (PRS 39/2017) It had been introduced by Senator Elmano Ferrer (It can IP). Although not support the proposal, Alcolumbre not ruled out the creation of a subcommittee, within CCJ, to address the issue. In the House there is a Committee of Public Safety and Combating Organized Crime.

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