MP has filed suit against the state requesting supply of urgency and emergency units, reveals deputy

Wilker Barreto questioned the current administration for the delay in resolving the chaos in health.
13/02/2019 17h31 - Updated 14/02/2019 17h41
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State Representative Wilker Barreto (PHS) He revealed on the morning of Wednesday, 13, that prosecutors Amazonas State (MP-AM) He joined on 29 January 2019 one enforcement action against the State, requesting the supply of urgency and emergency units, including the polyclinics. The announcement of the procedural act was done on the floor of Amazonas State Legislature (hazard).

Possession of public documents the MP-AM, the humanist questioned the current administration for the delay in resolving the chaos in health, once it received a detailed report of the body pointing all the needs for the system does not collapse.

"The MP joined on 29 January with a civil action by the calamity in health and am coming from my first day to report neglect and lack of preparation of a government that is not prepared to take on a difficult machine, or the governor Wilson Lima thought it would be a Disneyland?”, He shot the deputy.

Barreto also said that the current government has been made aware of the health situation since November 2018, still not adopted key measures. "The state claims to have begun a management under difficult circumstances, but it is necessary to point out that the prosecution exposed since the beginning of transition, even in November 2018, the need for the new management to take steps to ensure the supply of health facilities with supplies and medicine, always considering that the provision of public services should be continuous, especially when it comes to health ", said.

In this ocasion, the parliamentarian also proposed that the promoters of the prosecution, Silvana Nobre Cabral and Claudia Maria Raposo, They can be invited to come to the House and, like this, a meeting is held. The goal is to open dialogue based on MP-AM report so that all Members may be aware of the reality and constitute actions to solve the problem.

"The prosecutor was already aware of this supply problem. no day 29 January we entered with an enforcement action against the State, which aims to ensure the supply of urgency and emergency units under the management of State, including polyclinics also. It has a court decision ruling that the state regularize the supply within ten days and this period ends on 14 of February (Thursday)”, Cláudia Raposo stressed, 58 prosecution of health.

In the next days, Wilker promises to continue to control and charge for restructuring. "Negligence is happening today was alerted. I can blame the current government for negligence in health, because I was aware and did not take action, He acted with negligence and right now lives are being cut short. I ask that responsibilities are cleared, for who will console those who have lost loved ones ", questioned.

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