Mayor Arthur shows concern for discussion of tax reform and the danger to the Free Zone

He measures can achieve in full the Industrial Pole of Manaus.
13/02/2019 17h49 - Updated 13/02/2019 18h59
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The debate on tax reform, expected after the pension reform announced by the federal government, worries the mayor of Manaus, Arthur Virgilio Neto that, in another article published in your Facebook page, this Wednesday, 13/2, back to defend the interests of the Manaus Free Zone. He fears that certain measures achieve in full the Industrial Pole of Manaus.

"The question is simple. Or the government and parliamentarians accept the exceptionality and practice this acceptance, or perish model, with deeply damaging consequences to Brazil. The World Trade Organization understands this well. Lack of adherence who decides things in Brazil. Lack of adherence environmentalists, fighting boldly for forest preservation, but not yet linked to the existence of the Free Zone ", He highlighted Virgil.

Not text, the mayor insists that will not tire of writing about the urgent need to preserve the Manaus Free Trade Zone, is the economic and social benefits it generates in the Amazon, in the Western Amazon and all Brazilian states, both for its international weight, because it is the most robust mitigation instrument of global warming.

The publication is accompanied by a video of the research entitled "Rivers Viadores", with Professor Antonio Donato Nobre, the National Institute for Space Research (inpe), in which it explains the process of formation of rain in the Southeast and South, caused by moisture generated and shifted the Amazon toward these regions.

The mayor recalled that, the south of Pará is an example of devastation in the Amazon, the Amazonas territory is maintaining 97% of its forest cover. "Obvious explanation: in the southern part of Para, the option that people have found to survive, of them to thriving, It was advancing on the forest. And there was still perverse incentives external to it, how is the case, of the late 70 from the __ century 20, of Sudam have financed Volkswagen in it would be a livestock enterprise and ended up giving a useless fire, predatory, irresponsible", He stressed.

No Amazon, the facts were well different, exemplifies Arthur Neto, extolling the President Castelo Branco and the minister Roberto Campos created the Free Zone with the objective to create conditions for the civilian population of Brazilian borders, develop an underdeveloped region and reduce the glaring regional inequalities, for him, They are a mirror of the rich and unjust country. “Rico, because I knew erect prosperous areas; unfair, because it still reigns much misery, especially in the North and Northeast ", evaluated.

To these arguments, said the mayor of Manaus, joined more recently the environmental variable. "That every intelligent human being must understand without further loss of time. The Free Zone supports the Amazon rainforest standing Amazonas and interest on Amazon's planetarium, to protect, recover and grow Polo without chimneys Manaus, it should be a national priority ", he defended.

Arthur made a challenge and said, if you want to discuss mediocre, the cost versus value of employment subsidies, the Free Zone die, the population survive advancing on the forest, biodiversity will be destroyed, in rainfall patterns will change in Brazil and in the world. He explained, still, the rivers, Banking 20% of ocean waters, lose weight and wealth, considering that water will be the most important commodity of all.

"We will face very serious and serious diplomatic difficulties military tensions put us in check. Think of preserving the Amazon and, at the same time, twist the nose to the Free Zone is a mere exercise in alienation and futility. New economic arrays must be incorporated into the Amazonian economy? Of course yes. But none of them arrive in time to prevent the tragedy ", he emphasized.

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