Technician refrigeration is stuck with 11 kg marijuana, valued at R $ 55 one thousand

Segundo o homem, ele estava apenas guardando a droga para um indivíduo que não teve o nome revelado.
18/02/2019 14h33 - Updated 18/02/2019 19h30
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The technician in refrigeration Joel Santos Ramos, 22, He was arrested early on Monday (18/2) approximately 11 kilos of pressed marijuana, valued at R $ 55 one thousand, and two precision scales. The blatant occurred around 9 am, the offender's home, located on the street José Ribeiro Soares, Japiim neighborhood, south of the capital.

According to the delegate Alynne Lima, holder of 16 ° Integrated District Police (DIP), his team reached the offender after receiving anonymous complaint, made to the hotline of the police unit (99962-4451), about an alleged supplier of drugs that worked in the area of ​​the Aleixo neighborhood and other neighborhoods in the south-central part of the city. Second delegate, during efforts to ascertain the veracity of the information, the police officers came to Joel.

"On the morning of Monday (18/2), por volta the 9h, we move to the refrigeration technician's home, located on the street José Ribeiro Soares, in Japiim neighborhood, where we approach the offender. During searches in the residence, We found in his room about 11 kilos of pressed marijuana, and two precision scales. We conducted the offender to 16 ° DIP where, in testimony, he said it would only be keeping the drug to an individual who had not revealed the name. The investigations around the case will proceed to identify those involved in the illegal practice ", said Lima.

Joel was booked in the act of drug trafficking. At the end of procedures applicable in DIP 16 °, which is on the premises of 22 DIP, the offender will be taken to Custody Hearing in Henoch Minister Forum da Silva Reis, San Francisco neighborhood, south of the capital.

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