MEPs call for impeachment of four ministers of the STF

Os magistrados em questão votaram a favor da equiparação da homofobia ao racismo nas duas ações que discutem o tema no tribunal.
04/03/2019 16h23 - Updated 5/03/2019 12h43

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Near 15 They filed deputies on Wednesday (27) a request for impeachment of the four ministers of the Supreme Court (STF) who have voted in favor of matching homophobia to racism in both actions over the issue in court. Are targets of the request Celso de Mello ministers, Edson Fachin, Alexandre de Moraes and Luis Roberto Barroso.

The text should reach the President of the Senate, Davi Alcolumbre (Dent-off). In the list of lawmakers who signed the document are names like Alexandre Frota (PAGE), Kim Kataguiri (THE) and Luiz Philippe Orleans e Bragança (PAGE), descendant of the Brazilian royal family.

For Members, the ministers of the STF committed crime of the liability in specific law on the subject (nº1.079 / 1950), to disobey the principle of legal reserve, and that ministers go against Article 5 of the Constitution – which provides that "there is no crime without a previous law to define it, or penalty without prior legal sanction ".

"If the Federal Constitution provides that only the law may relate to criminal law, only fitting the law strictly discretion of crimes and the pain of penalties, the position adopted by the Ministers in reference appears to be totally contrary to the Constitution ", They argue MEPs.

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Source: Gazeta do Povo

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