Man wanted for the murder of lawyer in Fortaleza arrested with gun and money in Manaus

With the violator, Civil Police seized a pistol 380 and R $ 8 thousand in kind.
15/03/2019 19h52 - Updated 16/03/2019 16h17

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Carlos Cley Rebolledo Rock, 39, sought for implementation, in 2012, a lawyer 52 years was arrested on Friday (15/03) In Manaus. The crime took place in Fortaleza, Ceara state capital. With the violator, Civil Police seized a pistol 380 and R $ 8 thousand in kind.

According to the delegate holder 8 ° DIP, Rafael Guevara, Carlos was hired by the clerk of the Civil Police of Ceará Regina Lucia Amorim Gomes to perform the lawyer Danielle Maria Ximenes, in June 2012. On the day of the crime, the offender entered the lawyer office, and conducted three gun shots in women. Regina was arrested and convicted by the courts of that state that year, while Carlos Cley remained fugitive.

"We received information DHPP-EC staff that Carlos would have undertaken flight to Manaus after committing the crime. From this, we began our investigations and found that he was living for six years in the city. We began to perform steps to arrest the offender and we manage successfully this morning, when we found him in his cooling store, City district in God, north of the capital ", Guevara explained.

As the delegated agent of the 8th dip, Fabiano Pignata, during arrest, Civil Police found during searches in the place a caliber pistol 380 eight intact munitions, a ballistic vest, R$ 8 thousand in species and about 1 million Venezuelan bolivars. The preventive arrest warrant in the name of Carlos was issued on 20 January 2015, Valencia by Judge Maria Alves de Sousa Aquino, Fortress County.

"When we took and we ask the General Register (RG) his, Carlos gave us the document of his brother, who also are trapped in a prison unit of Ceara, but already we had knowledge of who he is and drove to the police station for carrying out the procedures applicable. Carlos told us, in testimony, who had managed the gun recently and would be keeping the object in place for their own safety ", said Pignata.

Flagrant and indictment
Carlos was charged with aggravated murder. The offender was also apprehended in the act of illegal possession of permitted use of firearms and false document usage. He will be taken to Custody Hearing in Henoch Minister Forum da Silva Reis, San Francisco neighborhood, south of the capital. Then, It will be forwarded to the Provisional Detention Center Male (CDPM), where it will remain until remanded to Fortaleza (THIS).

The president of the Bar Association of Brazil - Amazonas Sectional (OAB-AM), Marco Aurélio Choy, He congratulated the work of the entire team of the DIP 8 to arrest Carlos. "A colleague Danielle Ximenes was killed inside the office itself, exercising the lawyer office. Thanks to research work and intelligence of the 8th DIP Amazon Civil Police, this is a case, ultimately, solved. Lawyers who work in Ceará also infinitely thank the work of the whole team involved in the elucidation of this case ", He stressed.

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