Minister of the Supreme Court suspends according Lava jet with the US

The suspension is for compensation for damage caused to US investors by corruption at Petrobras.
15/03/2019 20h16 - Updated 15/03/2019 20h16
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Minister of the Supreme Court (STF) Alexandre de Moraes decided today (15) suspend the agreement made between the task force Operation Lava jet and the US government for compensation for damage caused to US investors by corruption at Petrobras.

in the decision, Minister also blocked amounts deposited in an escrow account to the court 13th Federal Court in Curitiba. The amount was not disclosed. The request for suspension was made by the Attorney General of the Republic, Raquel Dodge, on Tuesday (12).

The agreement was approved by Judge Gabriela Hardt, the 13th Federal Court in Curitiba, in January. Under the agreement, part of the fine, approximately R $ 2 billion, It would be sent to a foundation of social interest, to be created by the task force, which would also make the management of resources.

in action, Dodge said the Federal Prosecutor (MPF) It has no power to manage resources, and the Federal Court has no jurisdiction to ratify the agreement.

Moraes understood that the PGR has the prerogative to act in such cases, and not the first instance of MPF. Besides that, the minister said that the agreement did not establish that the funds should be deposited in a fund.

"Not only that, the contents of the second agreement - approved by the 13th Federal Criminal Court of Curitiba - established numerous measures not provided for in Non Prosecution Agreement, only predicted the crediting of the fine in favor of Brazil, no conditioning related to the establishment of a legal entity of private law or affectation that amount to specific activities ", decided.

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