Fire Department continues to carry out searches for missing in Carauari

On Sunday night (23), the divers team said it had been carried out searches across the submerged vessel structure.
24/06/2019 11h41 - Updated 25/06/2019 14h11

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The Amazon Fire Brigade (CBMAM) full four days of searching for the missing in the sinking of the vessel 'City Carauari' in Juruá, near the municipality of Carauari (a 788 kilometers from Manaus). On Sunday night (23/06), the divers team said it had been carried out searches across the submerged vessel structure. The two children, It is a 3 years and one 2 years old, still missing.

Earlier on Monday (24/06), Firefighters divers resume the underwater search in the vicinity of the vessel. In addition to this activity, firefighters are also conducting surface search in an attempt to find the two victims.

The commander of the Special Fire Battalion (BBE) and diving instructor, Major BM Ricardo Carmo da Rocha, points out the main challenges of this type of occurrence.

"The first thing to pay attention is the current of the river. In Juruá, where the wreck occurred, the current measurement is greater than two nodes, what is already considered risky, since the occurrence vessel, after wrecked, He has traveled three kilometers from the crash site. The structure had to be tied to secure in searches. Another issue that must be taken into consideration is the difficult access to boat partitions: there networks, bad, doors and windows, and divers should be aware of the breathing air hose bend, preventing the air distribution to the fireman who is submerged ", explica o major.

The commander reported that the BBE, even in the face of these challenges, the search must continue. "We have a good team of divers firefighters, and has even done the mapping inside the boat, We proceed with the search ", says.

On the morning of Friday (21/06), a team of four divers fire landed in Carauari Municipality to act in searches. In total, 92 passengers were rescued alive, three bodies were found by firefighters and two children still missing.

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