Fies Registration opens on Tuesday(25); see how secure funding

Interested parties have until July 1 to ensure registration.
25/06/2019 13h43 - Updated 25/06/2019 16h54
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The Fies, student loan Education Ministry's program for undergraduate courses in colleges, institutes and private universities, Registration opened on Tuesday (25). Interested parties have until July 1 to ensure registration. It will be made exclusively in the federal program site.

The fund has two modes of financing, which vary according to family income student. Coverage begins with 50% allowance and reaches up 99% the value of the intended course.

In the first mode may enroll students with per capita income of up to three minimum wages, or equivalent to R $ 2.994. The second category includes students with monthly per capita family income of up to five minimum wages (R$ 4.990).

In addition to the income criterion, the financing of borrowers will have to have a minimum grade of 450 points in Enem (National High School Exam) and have not reset the writing test. Whoever has the highest average score of Enem, according to Mec, You are most likely to get the credit. Selected make the financing agreement between the days 10 e 12 July. A waiting list will be formed between the days 15 June and 23 of August.

The Fies faced in the first half the worst occupancy rate since 2016, when the program started recording a set number of places available to credit. The 100 thousand vacancies offered, only 38,7% They were filled, according FNDE (MEC body responsible for the management of federal funding).

In March, many students had difficulty to formalize new FIES contracts. The MEC had to extend the deadline for completion of the credit taken several times after verifying that errors in a system were barring new hires.

The only Fies the call to the first half of this year came out in 25 of February. The students had between 26 February and 7 March to complement the description with documents certifying that they meet the requirements of the federal program. It was at this stage that the students had problems. Students said they came to make daily wanderings for nearly a month in bank agencies and educational institutions in an attempt to resolve the matter.

The problem was mainly in getting the Regularity Document Description (DRI) or Registration Regularity (DRM), needed for hiring or continued funding. For failure in data transmission from the federal government, educational institutions were failing to issue the document.

“Always appears that the FIES system is down or that the document is no security or key date”, These Sandy da Silva, 21 years, Cabedelo (PB).

Through note, FNDE said at the time that the failures or problems in their systems can lead the MEC to extend the deadline for completion of enrollment for up to 30 of June.

Source: Folhapress

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