Implementation of PROSAMIM in Parintins is announced by Wilson Lima

The work in the city is part of the new phase of the program to be financed by the Inter-American Development Bank (BID).
26/06/2019 20h00 - Updated 26/06/2019 20h00

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The governor Wilson Lima announced, this Wednesday (26), in the city of Parintins (a 363 kilometers from Manaus), the inclusion of the city in the actions of the Social and Environmental Program of Igarapés (Prosamim). On the Island Tupinambarana, the works will understand the environmental upgrading and urbanization of Lagoa da Castanheira French and neighborhoods, santa Clara, Palmares and St. Rita.

Studies and projects will be carried out in the locality to raise the area information on social and environmental renewal, reassentamentos, water and sewage systems and urbanization. The work in the city is part of the new phase of the program to be financed by the Inter-American Development Bank (BID) and executed by the Management Unit of Special Projects (UGPE). The program will include, in addition to Parintins, three other municipalities to be defined by the governor.

"The IDB is providing the opportunity to open other sanitation projects, similar to what is happening in Maués, which is the Prosai (Integral Sanitation Program of Maués), that we will deliver in September this year. we must do, within a year, the study of this area, which not only involves the French, but four other neighborhoods. In a year, we will be showing how it will look, knowing whether it will be possible to build houses or not, because all this is being taken into consideration. This means bring respect and dignity to these people that live in this area ", said the governor.

One of the areas of intervention is the French Pond which is close to the city center and is widely used as a port for small boats leisure and tourism. The site has tourism potential and interventions can bring promising results for local tourism and the population's quality of life.

Prosamim – The PROSAMIM contributes to the solution of environmental problems, urban and social challenges affecting the city of Manaus and its inhabitants. currently, the program is in its third phase, III call PROSAMIM, because it is the third loan agreement signed with the IDB.

Preparation – With the closure of PROSAMIM III 2020, the Government of Amazonas initiated the preparation of studies and projects for stage IV that starts in the year 2021. The estimated time of preparation and approval of studies is 12 a 18 months. The amount to be invested will depend on the outcome of the preparation of studies, decision of the Government and the State's borrowing capacity.

"The governor is ruling by other municipalities. He has decided to Manaus, in an intervention area that it will still advertise. But today was Parintins, chosen as one of the, for the extension of PROSAMIM into the State ", said the executive coordinator of UGPE, Marcellus Campêlo.

ProsaiMaués – The experience of the Integral Sanitation Program of Maués (ProsaiMaués) It was one of the factors that contributed to the governor Wilson Lima broaden the program to other Amazonian municipalities. The ProsaiMaués seeks to contribute to the solution of sanitation problems, urban and environmental city. The works are over 90% completion and should turn in Maués Amazonas municipality more treated water coverage of the State.

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