work licensing of BR-319 is discussed in meeting with Wilson Lima Environment Minister

The State Government wants to speed up the paving of the process.
29/06/2019 14h28 - Updated 30/06/2019 16h02
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The governor of Amazonas, Wilson Lima, got together, on Saturday morning (29/06), in Parintins (a 369 kilometers from Manaus), with the Minister of Environment, Ricardo Sales. During the meeting, they talked about the state of interest issues, as unlocking the environmental permits necessary to advance the BR-319.

The State Government wants to speed up the paving of the process. "Our meeting was approaching, so that we find understanding to solve some environmental disputes. All this goes through understanding actions of the State, at the time it creates environmental constraints as well as the Ibama ahead with these issues ", said Wilson Lima.

According to the governor, He stayed up a meeting, with officials of the State Government and the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Natural Resources (Ibama), for an evaluation of the current stage of the licensing process for that seek solutions to advance.

Also attended the meeting the deputy governor Carlos Almeida, the holder of the State Secretariat of the Environment (Schema), Eduardo Taveira, the CEO of Amazonas Environmental Protection Institute (Ipaam), Juliano Valente, the holder of the State Secretariat of Rural Production (Sepror), Petruchio Magellan Junior, the mayor of Parintins, Frank Bi Garcia, Superintendent Suframa, Colonel Alfredo Menezes, the congressmen Pablo and Sidney Leite, as well as experts from the Federal Government.

Meeting in Brasilia - The governor and the minister will schedule a meeting that should take place in the first half of July, in Brasilia, to discuss the details of the recovery of the BR-319. "We leave here with the understanding that the Secretary of State for the Environment and state licensing agencies will make an agreement with Ibama to build solutions that meet society's demands, requirements of prosecutors and to bring, actually, sustainable development for the entire axis of the highway ", said Wilson Lima.

The State Government has worked to improve environmental governance along the highway and meet the demands made by IBAMA. "There is already a drawing to determine the environmental conditions, talked to the prosecutor, meeting the requirements that are made to ensure that there is preservation along the BR-319 and not to repeat what happened with some roads that were opened in the Amazon ", He stressed the governor.

According to the CEO of Ipaam, Juliano Valente, environmental governance is the guarantee for the protection of all road. "The intention is that there is no impact or deforestation, with the opening of BR-319. The main idea is that the State of Amazonas, via Sema and Ipaam, give all guarantees necessary to establish that governance.

Amazon Fund - Wilson Lima also asked the minister to the Amazon Fund support for regularization, review of South protected areas of the Amazon and approval of the Economic Ecological Zoning of Purus Trough.

"The urban environmental quality agenda of the Ministry of Environment includes, among other topics, the issue of solid waste. We were very glad to hear the governor that this is, also for the state of Amazonas, a priority. We've left here with some ideas to build solutions, a series of measures which I'm sure will fast forward, in order to greatly improve the garbage problem in the state ", said Minister Ricardo Sales.

Solid waste control - The Secretary of State for the Environment, Eduardo Taveira, He stressed the importance of discussing the proper disposal of solid waste. "The Amazon, despite 97% the territory of conserved forests, It is also a state that has 60% the population living in cities, then it is important to have access to water strategies, sanitation, solid waste that impact the development of inner cities, for example, here in Parintins, there is a very large aviary risk due to the municipal dump ", said Taveira.

The secretary pointed out, still, that the state has already developed cooperation strategies with municipalities, that they are responsible for the waste matter. "These strategies have a very positive impact on the development of cities", he stressed.

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