OAB suggests removal of Moro rebellion and netizens

The organization questioned the actions of the former federal judge and the prosecutor in the trial of Lula.
11/06/2019 09h02 - Updated 13/06/2019 15h11

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The Bar Association of Brazil (OAB) It was publicly condemned by netizens asked after the removal of Justice Minister Sergio Moro and prosecutor, Delta Dallagnol.

Although it has no authority to do so, the entity questioned the role of the then federal judge Sergio Moro and Dallagnol the former President Lula trial, the Lava Jato.

in networks, it was the most talked about in the morning of Tuesday (11). Members expressed support for Lava jet with OAB tag, Why do not you shut up? (#OABporquenaotecalas).

Source: Pleno.News

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